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Help Wanted! (November-December 2023)


As we end the year, some of our ministries are planning for the next year and are looking for volunteers. If you are available and keen, we encourage you to contact the ministry, and see how you can build up the church in these practical ways!...

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Does Science Disprove Christianity?

Youth Science and Christianity header

At their 16 September 2023 youth session, Joshua led the youths to think about this topic that's quite relevant to our youths....

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How Important are Studies?

Youth How important are studies header

Our youths explored this topic at their recent youth session on 2 September 2023. Samuel Ho helped them to see rightly, the value of studying. ...

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Is It Okay If I Watch This?

Is it okay if I watch this? header

This was explored and taught by Joshua Lowe at a youth session on 19 August 2023. Though targeted at youths, some of the principles and considerations are also relevant to all of us. ...

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Youth Camp 2022

youth camp 2022-header

Our youths had their annual camp from 18 to 21 December 2022. Theodore, one of our young adults, was one of many church members who went down to the camp to spend time with the youths. He shares his experience and reflections here....

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Youths and Social Media


On 8 October 2022, the Youth Ministry organised a panel event for our youths on the topic of the Christian's social media life. The event sought to provide glimpses into how Christians strive to live out Christ in their lives online through their own flawed but faithful ways....

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On Sloth and Diligence (Part 2)

21 Oct -- sloth header 2

Samuel shared this with our youths. Our youths are working through the book of Proverbs now. This is the second of two parts, and part one can be found here....

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On Sloth and Diligence (Part 1)

21 Oct -- sloth header 1

Samuel shared this recently with the youths at their weekly youth meeting. Our youths are working through the book of Proverbs now, and looking at how this book has wisdom for life. In this study, they considered what Proverbs has to say about sloth and diligence. This is the first of two parts. ...

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Help Wanted!

18feb-enews-header (congregation and AV)

Throughout the week and at our weekend services, different church members are at work to serve the church and build up the church with their gifts. As the church regathers, and more ministry resume in-person meetings, there has also been more opportunities and ministry needs. ...

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Growing Up in the Church

GoG -- youth header

Matthew Seah, one of our youth leaders, shares what serving in the youth ministry is like, and how the whole church is also involved in discipling and caring for our youths. Joshua Lee, a youth, shares how those older than him in the faith have modelled and helped him in his faith journey....

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Partnering with Kay Poh Road Baptist Church


Samuel Ho, who was one of our interns from July to November, shares about the experience Pastor Oliver and some of the interns had to speak at Kay Poh Road Baptist Church's youth camp. ...

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Reflections from Youth Camp 2021


Our youths had their camp from 17 to 19 Dec 2021, and Joshua shares with us how they learnt about and experienced God's lovingkindness during the camp. ...

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Youth Camp 2021


Youth Camp will be held from 17 to 19 Dec 2021. Even during this COVID season, our youths will still be having our youth camp in person. Praise the Lord!...

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Engaging with Pop Culture


Pop culture presents in many shapes and forms. It includes recently released movies or shows, pop songs, up and coming actors, actresses or artistes, memes found on the various social media platforms and even choice of social media itself etc. Try as we might to avoid engaging in pop culture, it is inevitable that we come across or have to interact with it, in one form or ...

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Interview with Joshua Lowe


On 25 Apr 2021, Elder Chuan Xin interviewed Joshua Lowe who has joined the English Congregation Ministry Team as a Ministry Support Worker for Youth Ministry. We catch up with Joshua to find out more about him and his work with the youth....

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Risen? Reflection of a First Time Camper


Rayna Wong shares how this year's youth camp has drawn her closer to God and her youth group....

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Risen? What Does It Mean To Be a Christian?


Joshua Lee recaps for us the learning points of this year's youth camp and shares how the camp has prompted him to reevaluate what it means to be a Christian....

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Raising Kids Who Stay

The Bible calls us to “commend [God’s] works from one generation to another [and] declare your mighty acts” (Ps 145:4). But how are we to do so when our young people drop out of church? How do we get them to stay? ...

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Youth Camp 2018 Reflections

Last year's youth camp was held from 19-22 Dec 2018 at the Navigators HQ. The theme was “Growing Together” and in this article, Louise Chua, Isaac Wee and an additional youth (who wishes to remain anonymous) share some of their reflections from the camp....

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Youth Camp 2017

Benedict Seah reflects on the recent youth camp, which took place on 20-23 Dec 2017. As we thank God for our youths, let's pray together with them that they will continue to grow in love and obedience towards Christ, and that the relationships renewed among them during the camp will bear much fruit and result in changed lives. ...

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Youth Camp 20-23 Dec 2017

This year’s youth camp will be held from 20 – 23 Dec 2017, and the Youth Ministry would like to ask for the Church to be praying with us for the camp. Here are some ways we can be praying for the youth....

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A Youthful Sunday

Samuel Beh shares with us why this Sunday's worship service will be different....

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Singing God's Love in God's Word (trailer)

Two months ago, the Children Ministry introduced the "Singing God’s Love in God’s Word” CD project which they have been preparing since May last year. We are excited to announce that the CDs (and USBs) are now available! Watch the trailer to find out more!...

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New Ministry Support Staff

Pastor Ian shares with us the wonderful news of Samuel Beh joining GBC as a ministry support staff. ...

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Introducing “Singing God’s Love in God’s Word”

Last Sunday, the Children Ministry introduced a CD project that they have been working on since last year: “Singing God’s Love in God’s Word”. We are so encouraged by how God is working among and in our children and we pray that they will continue to enjoy singing and meditating on God's Word....

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Youth Ministry

Ever wonder what our youth does in their weekly care group sessions? Written by youth on youth, we get a glimpse of what goes on at youthgroup on Fridays, as well as the abundance of food - both spiritual and physical!...

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Not Ashamed -- Caleb & Lianna -- GBC Youth Taking a Stand

In line with our theme on being Not Ashamed of the Gospel, our youth members, Caleb Lee and Lianna Chan, speak up on what the Gospel means to them personally and how they have experienced the power of the Gospel in their individual lives. We pray alongside both of them as they strive to continue to be not ashamed of the Gospel no matter where they are or who they are with....

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Philippian War Games

The recently held Philippian War Games was organized by a team of young adult members along with some of the youths and it was a precious day of fun and time to getting to know each other....

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Youth Camp 2014: Reflections (Part 2)

In this second post, we hear more about the amazing provisions that God showered on our youths, as well as the special lessons that they've learned as they participated and planned for camp! Indeed a theme like the New Heaven and New Earth, and future glory is not only something for the distant future, but has a very present encouragement and hope for all, both young and o...

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Youth Camp 2014: Reflections (Part 1)

We thank God for the successful conclusion of another Youth Camp! In the first of two posts, we read of how God used the preaching of His word by His servants to touch the lives of the campers. ...

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Youth Camp 2014: Interview with the Camp Commandants

Youth Camp is around the corner, and we got Nathan to share with us some of the lessons that him, and the team has learnt even in the planning stages.We thank God for the work He is doing in the lives of our youths, and we continue to pray that it will be a meaningful and fruitful camp! ...

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Youth Camp 2014: Theme and Focus

This year's Youth Camp will be held from 19-23 December, and in this post, we've asked the camp commandants to share with us a bit more about the focus and theme of the camp! ...

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Youth Bible Conference 2014

In this post by youth leader Andrew Tang, read about the recently-concluded YBC and what took place there....

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Youth Bible Conference and Young Adults Retreat 2014

The Youth Bible Conference is on this June with the Young Adults Retreat the first week of July! Learn about how you can pray for these ministries. ...

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Nehemiah War Games

The youths and young adults recently held the first ever "Nehemiah War Games". It was an evening of great fun right here at GBC. ...

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Crossroads - Youth Camp 2013

Read what some of the new and old campers have to say about the recent youth camp held over four days from 17-21 Dec 2013....

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Interview with the Youth Camp Commandants

The youth camp is a significant annual event in the youth calendar, and this year's camp commandants share with us their aims for the camp, as well as how we can help to keep them in prayer. ...

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