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"Adulting 101"


From May to September, the Young Adults (YAs) spent ten weeks as a ministry exploring the Ten Commandments together under the "Adulting 101" series. This was the first time the entire ministry had met together in about a year. They share about what they covered and learnt through their study together. ...

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Pursuing Holiness in Community


Following a recent study on the Ten Commandments, Caroline Cheah shares her reflections about the study as well as the importance of pursuing holiness together even in a period of constant COVID restrictions....

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Jesus; His Divinity, His Humanity


Sam Tan explains how the study of Luke with the young adults made it absolutely clear to him that we must be radically dependent on God. ...

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Honouring Families


What does it mean to show Christ’s love to our families? How is God working in our families? The recent “Honouring Family” event held on 7 March, organised by the GBC Young Adults Ministry, sought to break barriers and start a conversation about the often sensitive and delicate topic of family....

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Singapore is Not a Christian Nation--And I am Grateful

Pastor Ian reminds us that we should not allow the world to define what it means for God’s children to succeed. ...

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Our YA ministry has been holding regular evangelism events that focus on topics that many young adults identify and struggle with. Some past topics included relationships and the life we lead online. This September, they will be holding another event titled “Who do you think you are?” on 28 Sept and they’ve shared with us their motivations and purposes for this upcom...

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Does It Spark Joy? -- A YA Evangelistic Event

Pratas and conversations about the pursuit of happiness -- this was the scene at the recent evangelistic event by the young adults. ...

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Visiting Our Pastoral Staff

For a few years now, it has become a Young Adult (YA) tradition to have a 'bai nian' (Chinese for 'visitation') during CNY. This festive season has become an opportunity to meet different people in church. In previous years, the YAs have visited other caregroups, some of our seniors and other couples in church that the YAs may not have the chance to meet on a regular basis...

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Raising Kids Who Stay

The Bible calls us to “commend [God’s] works from one generation to another [and] declare your mighty acts” (Ps 145:4). But how are we to do so when our young people drop out of church? How do we get them to stay? ...

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Does It Spark Joy? Living Life in the Pursuit of Happiness

This Saturday, the Young Adults ministry will be having their first Evangelistic meeting of the year. Playing off the phrase “Does it spark joy?” (made popular by Marie Kondo in her Netflix series on de-cluttering your home) the event seeks to confront what it is that young people seem to find their joy in and how they pursue it in their daily lives. ...

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Commissioning of Deacons

Last Sunday, we commissioned and prayed for five new deacons. We thank God for their willingness to serve and pray that all of us will encourage these new deacons in their ministries. ...

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"Why are we friends?" - YA Evangelism Event

The Young Adults ministry recently held an evangelistic dinner centred around the topic of relationships. It was a night of honest sharing and conversations, and many friends got a chance to enter a church, meet Christians and hear about what Christians believe in. ...

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Why are we friends? -- A YA evangelism dinner

We all struggle with relationships and for young adults in particular, the struggles often coincide with stressful changes and life transitions. These struggles serve also as areas that the church can speak into, and demonstrate practical love, and our young adults aim to do so at this upcoming evangelism event. ...

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3 things that stood out from YA retreat 2018

55 people headed up to Johor Bahru over the Hari Raya weekend to spend time learning about heaven at the annual Young Adults retreat. The YA ministry has been holding these retreats annually since 2012, but 3 things made this retreat quite different. ...

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YA Retreat 2018: Homeward Bound

What is heaven and why is it so good? At this year's YA retreat, our YAs will be working their way through the Bible to understand what God has promised in heaven, and why this is something to look forward to! ...

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Gracehaven Outreach -- 15 Jul 2017

On the 15th of July, the Young Adults Ministry spent a morning with the children from the Gracehaven home. Hannah Yeo reflects on the time spent with the children and encourages us to keep telling of Jesus, the only one who can change us from restless rebels into sons and daughters of God....

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'Holy, Resolved' - YA Retreat 2017

Over 23-26 June, our YAs went for their annual retreat entitled ‘Holy, Resolved'. Matthew Seah reflects on the time the YAs had learning about God's holiness and its implications for His people....

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Upcoming Young Adults' Retreat

Every year the Young Adults' (YA) ministry holds a retreat to meet with God and to encourage each other to follow Jesus better. They share with us what the retreat is all about and how we can pray for them! ...

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YA Ministry Evangelistic Event: Meet the Church

Meet The Church: Testimonies by Believers from Difficult Backgrounds was organized by the Evangelism Committee of the GBC Young Adults (YA) ministry. The team organised this with the purpose of encouraging and challenging Christians to share the gospel boldly....

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Not Ashamed -- Rachel Chua -- Living a Transformed Life

Grace News writer Neo Yi Ling caught up with Rachel Chua who grew up in GBC. Rachel, now a 24-year-old public servant, shared her thoughts on how coming to know Christ had impacted her and what it meant to be unashamed of the Gospel. Here are snippets from their conversation over a cup of teh tarik. ...

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"Oh Precious is the Flow": YA blood drive

Our Young Adults conducted their first ever blood drive as a CG. This was not only a meaningful bonding activity for them, but also provided an opportunity to reflect on the precious blood of Christ that is the basis of our salvation and community. ...

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YA Visit to Gracehaven

The Young Adults spent a morning with the children of Gracehaven home, and in this post, they've shared with us some of the things that they've learnt and how we can continue to pray for and support this ministry! ...

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Young Adults' Retreat: Reflections

The Young Adults had their retreat in July, and in this post, we have 4 of them sharing their experiences, lessons learnt, and how we can continue to pray for them. ...

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What happened at our Young Adults' Retreat?

40 of our young people spent the long weekend away for their annual retreat. It was a time to fellowship together and commune with God....

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Young Adults' Retreat

The Young Adults ministry will be heading off to Malaysia this weekend for their annual retreat. They've shared with us what they're going to do this weekend, and how we can pray for them! ...

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Philippian War Games

The recently held Philippian War Games was organized by a team of young adult members along with some of the youths and it was a precious day of fun and time to getting to know each other....

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YA Retreat 2014

Our young adults spent a weekend away to focus on discipleship. Over the two days, 31 of our young people looked at what the Bible said about the reason for making disciples, the issue of complete surrender and obedience to God, the obstacles to discipleship in this day and age, and how it can be done. ...

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Youth Bible Conference and Young Adults Retreat 2014

The Youth Bible Conference is on this June with the Young Adults Retreat the first week of July! Learn about how you can pray for these ministries. ...

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Nehemiah War Games

The youths and young adults recently held the first ever "Nehemiah War Games". It was an evening of great fun right here at GBC. ...

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Bryan Tan on Preaching 1 Thess 2

GBC member, Bryan Tan, now studying in Cork, Ireland shares on his recent experience of delivering a sermon on 1 Thess 2....

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