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Ordinary and Simple Discipleship (Part 1): What and Why

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This was a breakout session at the Women of Grace Event held on 14 May 2022. Originally taught by Carrie, the session focused on helping women understand the importance of discipleship in the Christian's life and to think about how they can help each other in their walk. ...

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Finding and Cultivating Rest in God (Part 1)


How do our days go? Are we busy? How do we find rest in God? This was originally a breakout session by Chan Yoke Meng at the Women of Grace event on 14 May 2022. This is an edited version of her transcript and is the first of two parts....

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Women of Grace


The "Women of Grace" event was a half-day event held on 14 May 2022. The women of GBC gathered to share, pray, meet other women and to also learn together. Bibianna shares what took place and how God provided for the event. ...

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Women's Ministry in the Church


Pastor Eugene explains why we have a women's ministry in the church and how it is to be carried out. A version of this was shared at our recent Women of Grace event, where the women of the church came to spend a morning together. ...

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Why does Complementarianism Matter?


We began our new Equip series on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood this past Tuesday. This is an 8-week series that will work through what the Bible says about God's good design for men and women. ...

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The Precept Class at GBC


Chan Yoke Meng, who facilitates the Precept Class, shares how the study of the Book of Isaiah impressed upon the ladies that our God is indeed worthy of our worship, praise, thanksgiving, honour, reverential fear, trust and obedience!...

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Women’s Ministry in CGs -- Part 2


Last week, we shared an article on the role of women in ministry. In this second part of the two-part article, we examine what are the practical ways to care for the women in CGs. ...

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Women’s Ministry in CGs -- Part 1


At the recent session of Centralised Leading of Bible Studies (CLOBS), our sister and ministry worker Carrie Chong shared with CG leaders how we can better minister to the women in our CGs. ...

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Loving Someone Else’s Child

Pastor Ian shares an article that gives some practical ways that older women can serve the women in their lives....

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Generations of Grace

In the closing of last Sunday's sermon, Pastor Eugene interviewed Miauw Suang and Bibianna to share with us what they are doing among the different generations in our church....

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Women of Grace - Forming Life-giving Friendships

Last Saturday, 16 Feb 2019, some women gathered for the first Women of Grace event of the year. Ranging from 3 months in GBC to > 30 years in GBC, there was a wide range of women who attended!...

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Women of Grace: Grace Together 2019

The women of Grace will be meeting on 16 February 2019 to get to know one another more deeply. Have you signed up yet? ...

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Commissioning of Deacons

Last Sunday, we commissioned and prayed for five new deacons. We thank God for their willingness to serve and pray that all of us will encourage these new deacons in their ministries. ...

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Mums Connect: Learn to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God

Who is shaping what your kids believe? In 2019, Mums Connect will be learning how to confidently teach children about God. ...

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GBC Women: Studying God’s Word Together

We are so encouraged by the women of our church who are meeting on different days of the week to study the Bible together as well as to pray and encourage one another. Jena Tang shares with us about one of these study groups – Friday Women's Bible Study....

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Interview with Lim Eng Khin

Lim Eng Khin shares with us how she came to GBC and the importance of God's word in her spiritual walk....

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Interview with Belinda Wee

Belinda Wee, a familiar face of our worship team, shares with us how God sought her when she was a young believer and how serving in various ministries reveals to her the essence of community life in the church. Do smile at her the next time you see her in church!...

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Interview with Claire Low

Claire Low opens up on her personal struggles in following Christ while growing up as well as shares how she and Pastor Eugene plans out each year for spiritual growth....

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Interview with Sherri Buntain

We are beginning a new series of interviews with the ladies behind our pastors and elders. In this interview, Sherri Buntain shares with us her passion for Christ through her love for His people and her life journey as a Christian and as Pastor Ian's wife. ...

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Women's Prayer Time for Prodigals

Some ladies in our church are coming together on 12 May to lift up those whom we hold dearly who have wandered away. Would you also join them in coming down on our knees?...

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Calling Men and Women of Grace

Pastor Eugene shares with us two articles from the 9Marks Journal on discipleship and encourages us to attend the new EQUIP class ...

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Women, Desires and God’s Word

In August, some of our ladies started a Bible study called "Teach us to Want". Claire Low shares with us why the ladies embarked on the study and how we can guard our hearts and align our desires with the Lord’s. ...

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Saturday Ladies' Bible Study: Interview with Chan Yoke Meng

In this post, we interview Yoke Meng regarding the faithful ladies who come for Bible study, how it got started and how we can pray for their ministry....

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Ladies' Ministry Jewellery-Making Workshop

Updates from the Ladies Ministry on their recent jewellery-making workshop - a good way to bring people together...

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