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Book Review: On the Soul and Its Origin by Augustine of Hippo


Eric Lui shares with us a review of "On the Soul and Its Origin" by Augustine of Hippo. His true name is Aurelius Augustinus and he lived from 354 to 430 AD in a little town in Algeria. ...

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Work of the Spirit

What is our response when things do not go our way? How is our response a reflection of who God is and how He is working in us? Toby Wu and a sister-in-Christ share with us how God worked in them as they wrestled with challenges and struggles. ...

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O God Of Our Salvation

This month, the worship ministry team has been teaching and singing a new song “O God Of Our Salvation”, written by Matt Boswell and Michael Bleeker. Lam Lup Meng shares with us more about this modern hymn....

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Pressing Forward in Him

Pastor Ian draws from the teaching and example of AB Simpson to remind us that we need both the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the authority of God's word to inform and strengthen our faith. Let us join him in praying that our hearts will be led by the Spirit and shaped by His word, and let us consider both as being of equal importance in our Christian journey....

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Christ is Risen…Now What?

How do we continue to live life every day in the power of the resurrected Christ? ...

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A Fruity Kind of Faith

In our Children's Corner for Grace News, Rachel Wong encourages our children to trust in our Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to work in them to produce good fruit. ...

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Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 8 - The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit dwells in all Christians and unites us into the body of Christ. Spiritual gifts come from the Holy Spirit, and spiritual pride has no place in Christ's body....

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