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Sermon Schedule for January 2019

This week, as we greet the dawn of 2019 we also launch our new series, entitled "Grace Together."

“That you may know”: Our messages on 1 John

How can we know if we are in Christ? What beliefs and attitudes give proof to our claim to be a Christian? Pastor Oliver shares with us where we can find answers to these questions.

Book of Proverbs

We are starting a new series of messages from the book of Proverbs this Sunday. To help us prepare our hearts and minds for the messages, the pastoral team recommends this short video clip by The Bible Project which gives an overview of the book.

Making Sense of Hosea

As we continue through our sermon series in Hosea, there have been various questions asked on how to make sense and apply the message of an Old Testament prophet (like Hosea) to our current context.

Advent Sermon Series : Isaiah's Servant Songs

This Advent, over 4 Sundays, we will focus on Isaiah's Servant Songs in order to help prepare us for Christmas.

Sermon Schedule for November 2017

Here is the sermon schedule for November 2017. Let's be praying for our pastors as they prepare to bring God's truths to us.

Sermon Schedule (Jan - Jun 2016)

We are indeed thankful to our pastors and speakers for their pulpit ministry. Let's be in prayer for the preachers as they prepare to bring God's Word to us with the power of the Holy Spirit at our Sunday worship services.

How to Listen to a Sermon by George Whitefield

How do you listen to a sermon? Some of us keep our Bibles open, and listen attentively. Others take copious notes. But beyond the habits and form of listening, what is our attitude and heart posture? Let us consider what the great English preacher and evangelist George Whitefield has to say about this.

Deliverance (Ex 1:1-2:10)

We begin a new sermon series tracing the life of Moses.


Psalm 136 provides us 26 reminders of the steadfast love of the Lord enduring forever. This steadfast love is something that disciples are always thankful for! Are you thankful to God today?

Discipleship: The Lord's Work and Way

Matt 28:18-20 gives us God's purpose for all who follow Him.

A Gospel Accounting

The words of Philippians 3:1-11 remind us daily that what we have, we count all as loss compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ!

Hope In All Things Being Made New

On this Mothers' Day, we were all encouraged from Revelation 21:1-8, reminded of the hope that is available for all who believe and what awaits us.

Epaphroditus -- who?

As part of our series in Philippians, we are introduced to Epaphroditus. Epaphroditus was not an apostle, yet in his own way, he continued to serve Paul and the Philippian church faithfully.

A Partnership for the Gospel

What does a gospel partnership look like? Philippians 2:19-24 helps us to answer this question, and challenges us to live it out where we are today.

A Pursuit of Christlikeness

We continue our series in Philippians in Philippians 2:12-18, examining what it means to live a life that pursues Christ.

What did Jesus do

In this sermon from Phil 2:5-11, we see the beautiful humility of Jesus Christ and wholehearted obedience to the will of the Father.

The Undivided Heart

Pastor Arnold preached from Psalm 86:11-13 during our combined service.

Nuts and Bolts of Spiritual Unity

We continue our series in Philippians, looking at the unity that we have in Christ in Philippians 2:1-4.

A Life Worthy of the Gospel

From Phil 1:27-30, we are reminded that the gospel saves us and also transforms us. It changes the way we live, and what we hold on resolutely to, for we now have a new identity as citizens of Christ's kingdom. This secure identity allows us to have joy, independent of the circumstances here on earth.

Only That Christ Be Made Known and Honoured

Philippians 1:12-26 reminds us that the chief end of our ministry and our life should be to make Christ known and honored. This was Paul's life, and this gave him joy.

Divine Joy

Last Sunday marked the start of our new series in Philippians. Pastor Bobby brought us through Philippians 1:1-8, and helped us to see what it means to live lives as joyful followers of Christ

Leaving a legacy of service

In this sermon by guest speaker Rev Ian Buntain from Col 4:7-18, we were reminded to live lives as faithful followers of Christ, engaged in the work of building disciples.

Caring for one another

In this sermon from Galatians 5:25-6:5, Pastor Oliver reminds us of what it means to live in community. God has given us other Christians around us in our growth and journey too!

A Word from the Pastor: On Spiritual Disciplines

In this post, we asked Pastor Arnold to share with us a bit more about the new sermon series on Spiritual Disciplines, and how it is aligned with the church's vision to make disciples.

Giving God's Way

How should Christians tithe and give of their money and resources? This sermon speaks about the practice of giving and our heart attitudes that should accompany it.

Storm The Gates of Hell

In this sermon from Acts 4, we are reminded of the bold proclamation of the gospel undertaken by the apostles and early church. They stood firm on the gospel truths though it led them to much opposition. How can we learn from them?

Praying Passionately for Other Christians

This week, Pastor Oliver preached from 1 Thess 3:9-13. From Paul's prayer, we can learn how to pray for other Christians and help them grow in the fatih.

Feeding, Growing, and Living God's Word

In this sermon, Pastor Arnold speaks about the centrality of God's word in the lives of Christians! No disciple and follower of Christ can grow apart from His word, which is good and true.

The Journey Begins

In the first week of this new year, we are reminded to live a life worthy of the calling we have received as disciples.

Making the Most of Today and Tomorrow

As we look forward to ending this year and beginning a new one soon, we are reminded of the importance of Jesus' words in John 14:25-15:11 and its relevance for our lives today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

ABCs of Christmas

As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, Pastor Arnold reminds us of the truly rich gift that we have received in Christ.

The sovereignty of God

In the this ongoing series on the attributes and character of God, we touched on the sovereignty of God. From verses like Psalm 103:19, we are reminded that this truth is a great encouragement and our confidence in life.

You Can Be A Marketplace Witness

Taken from Acts 17:16-34, we are reminded in this sermon about how our workplaces too, are places that we can boldly proclaim the gospel. How can we live it out this week?

Until Now The Lord Has Helped Us: Stories of God's Mercy

In this sermon on 1 Samuel 7:2-17, Pastor Oliver reminded us of God's mercy to Israel, and how this same mercy and love was displayed on the cross years later, and is very much extended to us today!

Stories of the Lost Ark: God against Every False Image

Pastor Oliver continues his series in 1 Samuel, and in this sermon on 1 Samuel 5:1-7:1, we saw a God who does not tolerate idolatry of any kind.

The Wrath of God

In today's sermon, Pastor Arnold spoke on the wrath of God. The loving God who is holy, is also just, and there are consequences for sinners.

The Holiness of God

The second in the new series by Pastor Arnold about who God is. This week takes us to consider what it means that we worship a holy God, and therefore, are called to be holy as He is holy.

Gospel Joy and Community: Letter of Philippians

In this sermon, Pastor Oliver gives us an overview of the book of Philippians and helps us to see how the gospel fuels our joy, and is lived out in community.

How can you be righteous before God?

In this Reformation Sunday message taken from Luke 18:9-14, we went back to some precious truths that are so central to our faith.

Why is it important to know God?

Today Pastor Arnold started a new sermon series on why it is of utmost importance for Christians to know God. This may appear straightforward enough at first glance, but it is a topic that deserves further attention and study. Amidst our busy lives where every engagement seems important, there is a real danger of letting insignificant matters take center stage and crowd out significant matters such as our walk in Christ.

Unshaken - A Confident Resting in God

This week's sermon was taken from Psalm 3, where David teaches us that we can look to God in the midst of crisis and difficulties, because He is a God who protects, restores, has made himself accessible and ultimately wholly sufficient.

David and Goliath

In this familiar story in 1 Samuel 17:1-58, we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the true David, who is our Shepherd and King. On this special Children's Day service, these timeless truths remind us of our identity as children of God.

The Price of Pursuing Happiness

As we looked at Matthew 5:10-12, we are reminded persecution is a reality for Jesus' followers who seek to live in obedience to Him. Yet, the verses also encourages and gives us hope to persevere.

Digging Deeper: The Curious Case of Jesus and the Paralysed Man

Pastor Oliver took us through Mark 2:1-12 during this special Baby Dedication service. In this passage, we see how Jesus looks beyond the physical problems, but knows the real problem that we all face -- the problem of sin. And not only that he knows our problem, He came with the power to overcome and free us from our sins through His death on the cross.

Witnessing as Your Way of Life

Pastor Bobby continues his series in Acts, by looking at Acts 3:1-26 this past Sunday.

Being A Peacemaker In A Peaceless World

Our series in the Sermon on the Mount continues with Matthew 5:9.

God's Glory - Presence Departs

Continuing his series in 1 Samuel, Pastor Oliver took us through 1 Samuel 4:1b-22, and reminded us of the majesty of the glory of God, and the sheer tragedy when this glory is removed and shielded because of our sins.

The Pursuit of Happiness: A Pure Heart

In Matthew 5;8, we are given the promise that the pure in heart can see God. We are reminded that God sees the heart, our deceitful and corrupted heart, and this purity in heart can only, and has been achieved in Jesus Christ.

Mercy: What Goes Around, Comes Around

In Matthew 5:7, we are reminded that because we are recipients of God's great mercy, we can and are to show mercy to those around us.

What are you hungry for?

What are we hungering and thirsting after? Matthew 5:6 that was preached this past Sunday reminds us to set our sights and hearts on something that truly satisfies, and not to settle for things of this world that will fade away.

Set Apart for Christ

Celebrating GBC's 55th Anniversary, Rev (Dr) Poulson reminds us from Luke 9:1-23 what it means to be set apart for Christ, as a people.

Prayer, Promise, and Participation in Reaching the Lost

At the end of the missions emphasis month, Pastor Bobby preached from Romans 10:1-15. Romans 10 reminds us that faith comes from hearing the preaching by those that have been sent to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. This is our mission. How are we living in mission today?

Jesus at Jacob's Well: From Scandal to Salvation

This Sunday, Elder Jonathan Yao preached from John 4:3-42 on doing the will of God. From Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, we see our Savior's resolve to do the will of God to bring back people from every tribe and nation.

God Disclosed: Our God who Graciously Makes Himself Known

Continuing his series on the life of the prophet Samuel, Pastor Oliver helps us to see the God who graciously discloses Himself to His people.

Seeing The World Through God's Eyes

At the start of our missions emphasis month, we are reminded of the call to go out to the share the good news of what God has done in Christ, to a distressed and broken world.

The Presence of God

Today's guest speaker Dr Richard Averbeck helped us to see how the theme of God's presence can be found throughout Scripture, and how it encourages us today, and affects the way we live our dail lives.

Gentleness & Happiness - What Do They Have To Do With Each Other?

As we continue our study in the Beatitudes, we are reminded of the call to be gentle, and the promise that the meek will inherit the earth.

One Giant Step Towards Happiness

"Real happiness is not found in anything this world offers but it is about being right with God." The series on the Sermon on the Mount continues to point us to the radical nature of the teachings of Jesus. In Matt 5:4, we are reminded that though we mourn over sins and the brokenness of the world, we have the hope of what is to come, where there will be no more tears.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This marks the first of a new series on the Sermon on the Mount. In this introduction from the first three verses of Matthew 5, we are reminded that these words of God, spoken by the Word became flesh, is timeless and true, even for us today.

The Holy Spirit Indwells The Community Of Christ

Pastor Bobby took us through Acts 2, when the early church received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

A Community In Christ

Pastor Bobby continued a series in Acts. From Acts 1:12-24, we read of how the apostles waited for the promised Holy Spirit, but continued to do the work of praying and obeying the Word together as they waited.

A Mum on a Mission

This Mothers' Day, from Exodus 2:1-10 we marvel at the providential hand of God working through the faith of a mother as she sought to protect and raise her child.

Faith and A Journey of Faith

Through Heb 11, we are reminded that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Our faith and hope is certain and sure, anchored in Jesus, and this allows us to run the race with endurance!

From The Great Commandments to Great Commitment

Through Mark 12, we are reminded of the two great commandments of the Christian -- to love God and love man. We do so because we follow Jesus, whose love for man led him to the cross, and ultimately did all these because of love for the Father.

No Longer Scared

This Easter message takes us to look at the words recorded by John the apostle in Rev 1:17-18. Because He is risen, the Christian has strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Death, the final enemy, has been overcome!

Living in the Future Tense

In this sermon from Luke 12:35-58, we are reminded that a day will come when the True Master returns, and we as servants will be accountable to him. Are we being faithful servants, watching and waiting and eager to do his work?

Judgment Begins, But Yet, Grace

In the beginning chapters of 1 Samuel, we are reminded that God judges sin, yet we can also catch glimpses of grace as He continues to provide for his people.

Distressed... Interrupted. Our Large God who Cares

Through the struggles of Hannah in 1 Sam, we see a God who cares for His people, and continues to bring deliverance in small ways. The faithfulness of this God in the small things, is ultimately made possible only because of his great deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Beware of Apathy

Jesus' words to the church at Laodicea warns us about the perils of being neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. It is a reminder for us all to listen to what Jesus has to say, reflect on our current spiritual state, and return to him in repentance and faith.

Staying Spiritually Strong

The book of Nehemiah concludes with some final reforms. Nehemiah and the people have been brought through a journey of faith, but they still needed to obey in repentance and faith.

Sermon Series Recap: The Church Series

In this sermon recap, we remind ourselves of what the doctrine of church is, and why it was taught to us in 2013.

Real People, Real Revival, & Real Results

Nehemiah 10 reminds us that God's people who have heard and prayed through his Word must also act and obey what they have heard.

Revive Us O Lord!

Through Nehemiah 9, we see how God used His Word, to bring His people back to Him, and bring about repentance and revival.

You Are Witnesses (Acts 1:1-11)

Through Acts 1:1-11, we were reminded today of Jesus' commands to his disciples -- to go out into the world to proclaim the message of salvation in Jesus' name.

Starting a Spiritual Revival

In Nehemiah 7 and 8, we are reminded that a revival involves the proclamation and explanation of God's Word. God's word when proclaimed, taught, and explained, can pierce the heart of men and women.

Defeating Ourselves

In Nehemiah 5, we were reminded of how the unity of a community can be broken from internal conflicts.

Overcoming Obstacles and Opposition (Nehemiah 4)

Pastor Arnold continues the sermon series with Nehemiah 4. As we looked at the verses, we were reminded that obstacles and opposition are not unexpected as the Christian works for God in the world.

When Neighbors Move Us

On 19 Jan 2014, Dr Michael Lindsay preached powerfully from Lk 10:25-37 in a sermon entitled 'When Neighbors Move Us' reminding us not to harden our hearts to the needs of our neighbors but to respond to God's call through them

Listening to the Word of God

So how do you prepare to hear the Word of God? Are you a good listener? Do you hear it well? By surveying some of the writings of great Christian writers, we can take a look at the best practices for the building up of the church.

Christ the King: Rejected and Abandoned

In the last of the series in Mark on Discipleship, Pastor Oliver explains the significance and implications of Christ's death, abandonment and rejection on the cross.

Following Christ: A Disciple Is First Served Then He Serves Others

In this sermon, Pastor Oliver preached from Mark 10:32-45 on what it means to be a serving disciple

Their part, our part, everyone's part (Neh 3:1-32)

In Nehemiah 3, we learn of how the entire community responded in obedience and began work on the wall. It was a beautiful picture of a unity that transcended backgrounds, generations and occupations.

Tested, Tried and True (Neh 2:1-20)

Pastor Arnold continued the series in Nehemiah, and reminded us of God's provisions for Nehemiah despite the trials and tests that he encountered.

When God Calls (Neh 1:1-11)

Pastor Arnold opens the new series in Nehemiah, preaching on Nehemiah's calling from God and Nehemiah's call out to God in prayer.

The Unity of the Church

Pastor Arnold Wong preaches from Eph 4:1-6 on the unity of the church, theologically and practically

Discipline of the Church

Pastor Arnold teaches on the often-neglected topic of church discipline in the Christian fight against sin: the problems, process and priorities of church discipline.

The Ordinances of the Church

Pastor Bobby concludes the series on the church by helping us understand the role of the ordinances -- to point back to Jesus.

The Leadership of the Church

  Listen to this Sunday's sermon by clicking here     1. Leadership Principles ...