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Why Is There So Much Injustice in the World?


God is a righteous God who judges and Samuel Ho explains that we would be absolutely terrified if He is not so....

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Psalm 63: Beholding God in the Wilderness


This was originally shared by Bibianna at the Women of Grace event titled, "Bearing Burdens", which was held on 19 November 2022. Psalm 63 shows us that when we’re in the wilderness, let us behold our God and hope in Christ. ...

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Reading the Psalms on Friday Mornings


Do you know that a group of ladies meet regularly on Friday mornings to study the Bible? Carrie has been a part of this group that have been meeting for years now, even before COVID. She shares some of the lessons and encouragments from reading the Psalms together. ...

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Sermon Schedule: Advent – Rejoice!


We end this year with our Advent series in the book of Psalms which will take us through Psalm 96 to Psalm 100. These psalms of praise call God’s people to rejoice, for the Lord has come to save. He rules as King over all the earth. He is holy and worthy of all praise and glory. ...

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The Medicine of Memory


Amid this period of uncertain waiting and heightened anxiety, Pastor Eugene encourages us to remember God’s grace and goodness....

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Trusting God in Uncertain Times


Through Psalm 119, Pastor Oliver reminds and encourages us that amid all the uncertainty, we can trust God's purposeful sovereignty. ...

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The King and His People: Psalms 42-48


For the next three weekends starting 22/23 May, we will be looking at Psalms 42-45, the first of a two-part sermon series on Psalms....

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Why Lament?


What do we do when life hurts? Pastor Oliver encourages us to turn to God in lamentation and let His Word comfort and strengthen us....

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Sermon Schedule for July 2020

In the first two weeks of July, we will continue to learn radical dependence from David in Psalms 40 and 41. We will then return to our series in Luke’s Gospel, as we join Jesus at the start of his journey to Jerusalem and the cross....

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Prepare for Worship (28 Jun 2020)

How is God calling me to hope in him amid life’s challenges and trials? ...

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Sermon Schedule for June 2020

For the first two weeks of June, we will focus on how we are to respond to Jesus, as we behold His glory and holiness in Luke 9. We will then spend a month in the Psalms to learn radical dependence from David....

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Abandoned On Our Behalf

In last week’s Grace eNews, the Pastors shared some resources to help us understand how to do Word Studies as part of our Bible study. As part of his preparation for last week’s sermon on Psalm 22, Pastor Sam did a word study on ‘abandoned’ and he shares with us some of what he has learnt. ...

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"Jesus Shall Reign"

Hymn writer Isaac Watts composed this hymn as a paraphrase of Psalm 72. It speaks of the rule and reign of King Jesus, the royal Davidic King. It also teaches us how to sing and praise our God and King with the words in Scripture! ...

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God our King who Reigns

What do we do when we are shaken by the brokenness of this world? Pastor Oliver encourages us to do what the psalmists do....

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Grace That Sings

The Reformation Concert team updates us on what's been happening at rehearsals, and explains more about how ‘grace that sings’ is expressed in and through the words of the Psalms....

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