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Preaching at First Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak

On 10 Feb, we prayed for our Elder Associate, Tan Yee Kiat, during our pastoral prayer. Yee Kiat, or "Yeeks" as he is affectionately known to us, had the great privilege of preaching in the church of his hometown in Kuching. He shares with us his preaching experience here.

Sermon Schedule for June 2018

We are starting a new sermon series on the book of Hosea for June. Please pray that God will prepare our hearts to hear and respond to the messages in repentance and faith.

Sermon Schedule for January 2018

For the year 2018, our preaching schedule will be centred on the theme of "Believe; Belong; Behave", as we seek to understand more about discipleship and to grow a discipleship culture as a community.

Who Allowed You To Teach? Part 1

In this new series, we interview various ones in GBC that have had experience teaching at various platforms. This first interview is with Bryan Tan, one of our university students that is studying overseas, but has plenty of service opportunities there!

Wanted: A Teaching Church

This helpful piece by Daniel Hyde of the Ligonier Ministries helps us understand what it means to be a church that is centred around the Bible, and committed to teaching the Bible.

A Word from the Pastor: On Spiritual Disciplines

In this post, we asked Pastor Arnold to share with us a bit more about the new sermon series on Spiritual Disciplines, and how it is aligned with the church's vision to make disciples.

Storm The Gates of Hell

In this sermon from Acts 4, we are reminded of the bold proclamation of the gospel undertaken by the apostles and early church. They stood firm on the gospel truths though it led them to much opposition. How can we learn from them?

Interview with Rev Desmond Soh on SBC Preaching Conference

In this interview, we sit down with Rev Desmond Soh to find out more about SBC's preaching conference and why it matters to you

Bryan Tan on preaching 1 Thess 2

GBC member, Bryan Tan, now studying in Cork, Ireland shares on his recent experience of delivering a sermon on 1 Thess 2.