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Calling of New Elders

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At our recent Quarterly Congregational Meeting (QCM) held on 2 July 2023, our pastors and elders shared some updates pertaining to staffing matters. ...

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Recap of 3Q23 QCM

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We held our third Quarterly Congregational Meeting (QCM) of 2023 on 2 July 2023. The Fellowship Hall was full as members, and even some visitors, stayed to hear of updates in the life of the church, and to participate in prayer....

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Ollie’s Time at Acts Baptist Church (2H23)


Pastor Eugene announced at the 30 April 2023 service that Pastor Oliver would be sent temporarily to Acts Baptist Church to pastor for six months as part of GBC’s gospel partnership with a sister church. Pastor Oliver’s time at Acts Baptist Church will span from 1 July to 31 December 2023....

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Interview with Pastor Peter Lin


We interview Pastor Peter Lin Ken En, the new Chinese Congregation pastor. He shares with us about himself, his testimony and how we can be praying for him. ...

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Testimony of Ngo Thian Chye


We thank God for Elder Thian Chye's pastoral heart and his obedience to answer God's call into full time ministry. He shares with us his testimony and how we can pray for him. ...

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Our Pastor is Leaving. Now What?


As we enter into a period of transition, Pastor Ian offers some suggestions on how we can joyfully navigate the coming days. ...

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A Message to Members


Last weekend, Pastor Ian & Pastor Eugene shared a special pastoral announcement....

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Installation of Pastor Eugene Low


10 January 2021 was an unusually great day for us as we celebrated the installation of Pastor Eugene Low as GBC's Lead Teaching Pastor. ...

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A Heart for God’s People


Pastor Eugene shares his heart for GBC, drawing reflections from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians....

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God’s Antidote for the Trauma of Transition


Pastor Ian explains why there's a need for the leadership transition that he announced last Sunday....

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Testimony of Nehemiah Chong

Nehemiah Chong shares how he came to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ and how God called him out of himself to serve God and His people....

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Testimony of Pastor Eugene Low

Pastor Eugene Low shares how he came to believe in Jesus as His Lord and Saviour and sought to live to serve Christ, His redeemer....

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Testimony of Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan shares how Jesus called him to repent from his sins and to put his faith in Him daily, bringing glory to God with everything He has given him. ...

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Testimony of Pastor Oliver

There will be an English Congregation Meeting on 27 October to re-elect Pastor Oliver Chia for a further term of 5 years. Here Pastor Oliver shares with us how he came to know Jesus and his desire and passion to make Jesus known....

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Ordination of Pastor Eugene Low

On 21 Sep 2019, we had the great privilege to celebrate the ordination of Pastor Eugene Low. We thank and praise God for His wonderful work in Ps Eugene and his family....

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Six Lessons about God and His People

Pastor Sam reflects on his past 2 years serving on staff at GBC and shares some of the lessons he’s learnt. ...

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Re-election of Ps Ian Buntain

We thank God for Ps Ian and Sherri and their love and service among us for the last 2.5 years. This Sunday after service, there will be an English Congregational Meeting to re-elect Ps Ian as Lead Pastor of the English Congregation. Below, Ps Ian shares with us how God has called him into His ministry....

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Nurturing Elders and Pastors (Part 2)

Pastor Ian explains to us the elders and pastoral staff's recommendation of Samuel Beh – a ministry staff and elder associate – to join the pastoral team as an Associate Pastor. There will be a Q&A session during this Sunday's QCM should you have any questions regarding the elder recommendations....

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Nurturing Elders and Pastors

We will be voting for new elders on 22 July during a special congregational meeting. Pastor Ian shares with us the pastoral team's elder recommendations and the process that will take place. ...

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A Shepherd’s Gifting

To help prepare us to recognise new elders, we have been considering what the Bible says about the roles and qualifications of an elder. This week's article focuses on an elder’s spiritual gifting....

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A Shepherd's Character

Following from last week's article by Pastor Ian on the roles of an elder, this week Pastor Eugene deliberates on the character that an elder should have. ...

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A Shepherd’s Resume

What is the role of an elder? Pastor Ian highlights the roles of those who are called to shepherd the flock of God. ...

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Sermon Schedule for November 2017

Here is the sermon schedule for November 2017. Let's be praying for our pastors as they prepare to bring God's truths to us....

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Taking Time for a Sabbatical Rest

Pastor Oliver will be taking a sabbatical of six months from 1 November 2017. He shares what he will be doing during this period of rest and how we can pray for him....

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New Ministry Support Staff

Pastor Ian shares with us the wonderful news of Samuel Beh joining GBC as a ministry support staff. ...

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Building Lessons from Lego

What can the popular construction toy Lego teach us about building up the church of Christ? Pastor Eugene sees several parallels, and here uses those colourful little bricks to illustrate some important principles for us as we seek to establish the church on a strong foundation....

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Ps Oliver's Ordination - 18 Feb 2017

We celebrate with Ps Ollie as we come together to recognise that God has set him apart for God's work, that there is evidence of the fingerprints of the Almighty on his life and we ask that the Lord will continue to stir up good things in Ps Ollie for the sake of His gospel and for His glory and His namesake. ...

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Ps Arnold and Effie's Farewell Dinner

GBC bid farewell to Ps Arnold and Effie after 8 years of faithful service....

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Pastor Bobby's Appreciation Dinner - 20 Mar 2016

20th Mar was a special night for Pastor Bobby - it was an appreciation dinner from GBC to him, to thank him for his many years of faithful service in the church....

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Rev Bobby Lee is New Executive Director of Baptist Convention

Rev Bobby Lee has been elected as the new Executive Director of the Singapore Baptist Convention wef 1 March 2016....

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Experiencing God’s Faithfulness in my Pastoral Journey

In this post, Pastor Bobby shares with us God's faithfulness and the comforting truth that the greater the challenges, the greater the grace of God he has experienced in his pastoral journey with GBC over the last 12 years. ...

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Commitment - A Really Scary Concept

Pastor Arnold Wong reminds us that being committed to God should be the chief commitment of our lives....

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