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"God Moves In A Mysterious Way"

The lyrics to “God Moves In A Mysterious Way” have been with us ever since William Cowper, the famed English hymn writer penned them in the 18th century. The men sung this at our recent Reformation Concert and here we'll take a closer look at the lyrics of this hymn.

Our Third Reformation Concert

Last Sunday, brother Toshi announced that the Worship Ministry will be holding our third Reformation Concert at GBC on the 27 October 2018. In 2014, we held the first in the old building, and we held the second while we were "building-less" in 2016. Our third, will be held in our new building to give thanks to God.

Song of the month : We Gather Together

In this post, the Worship Ministry shares with us an old hymn entitled "We Gather Together" which is new to most of u for the month of November.

Church Camp Song 2014: Consecration Hymn

In this brief interview, worship ministry member Caleb Yap shares about this year's camp song, 'Consecration Hymn'.