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Interview with Bob Lerion


Earlier in 2023, a team from GBC comprising some elders and members visited LifeLite Community in Tacloban City. In October, Bob, the pastor of the church, spent a month learning with us. We interview him here to find out more about him, his experience with us, and how we can keep him and the church in prayer. ...

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Short-Term Ministry in Pua as Long-Term Relational Ministry


Clarice Cheong reflects on her first trip to Kathy's Home in Pua in Northern Thailand, where GBC conducts an English camp every quarter for the Hmong and Mien children staying at the home. ...

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Cambodia Mission Trip—October 2023


Chng Eng Ching give thanks for how God has given her a bird's eye view of doing mission work through His lenses as she reflects on her first mission trip with GBC to Cambodia....

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Recap of 4Q23 QCM

4Q23 QCM header

On 1 October 2023, we had our final Quarterly Congregational Meeting of the year. It has been quite a busy and encouraging quarter and year, and our pastors and lay elders shared various updates about our life together as a church....

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Pua Mission Trip – Sep 2023


From 14–18 September, a team of 10 conducted an English camp at Kathy’s Home in Pua. Read how the camp went and sign up for the next trip from 16–20 November 23! ...

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Pua Mission Trip – Jun/Jul 2023


This is the 18th year that we have been partnering Kathy's Home in the Lord's work and we thank God for such a great privilege!...

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Help Wanted! (June 2023)

community 2023 header

At our recent church camp, we talked about how we could do spiritual good to one another. In the corporate life of the church too, with different formal ministries in place, there are also needs and opportunities for service. ...

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Project Khmer Hope Mission Trip


Want to explore what missions is like? Block your calendar from 2 to 6 October 23 and join the GBC Project Khmer Hope (PKH) dental care and teaching mission trip....

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Recap of 2Q23 QCM

2Q23 QCM header

On 2 April 2023, we held our second Quarterly Congregational Meeting of the year. Our pastors and elders took us through what went on in the past quarter, and also some new and exciting developments. ...

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Update on Missions (April 2023)

2Q23 QCM missions sharing header

Elder Jonathan is our elder serving with the Missions Committee and at our recent QCM, he took the chance to update the church on our vision for missions. Our vision guides and affects what we do, and he encouraged us to consider how we too, as members can participate in the work. ...

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Life of Henry Martyn


Inspired and encouraged by the life of Henry Martyn, Eric Lui shares excerpts from Sarah J Rhea's book, "Life of Henry Martyn, Missionary to India and Persia, 1781 to 1812", highlighting the thoughts and struggles the missionary had with his antagonists in India and Persia, and how he persevered despite ill-health....

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Partnership with First Baptist Church of Bandung

first baptist church bandung header

One of our aspirations as a church is to establish gospel partnerships with fellow like-minded Christians for the advance of the gospel. Our Missions Committee has also been exploring similar opportunities with churches and organizations overseas, and one such visit was to First Baptist Church of Bandung. ...

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Pua Mission Trip: VBS 2023


From 3–7 March, a team of 19 headed to Kathy's Home to conduct a Vacation Bible School. We thank God for the team and the fruitful trip....

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Obeying and Following God in Missions

Obeying and Following God in Missions header Prov 3 v 5-6

Obedience to God happens in both the big and small decisions in life and certainly, Christians are called to obey Him every day. For some of us, the call to obey God can take the form of obeying Him to go into full-time missions. So, what prompted our missionary, Esther, to consider becoming a missionary? She shares more about this journey here. ...

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Recap of 1Q23 QCM

1Q23 QCM header

We held the first Quarterly Congregational Meeting on 8 January 2023. The meeting agenda was packed as we looked back at the last quarter of 2022 and also heard of the key plans for 2023....

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Pua Mission Trip – Dec 2022


We thank God for the fruitful trip that the team had at Pua, Thailand this December. It's such a joy and privilege to be able to participate in God's work in this manner....

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Trusting the Same God in a Different Culture


Esther is one of our missionaries and she was recently in Singapore on her Home Assignment. We sat down with her to chat more about her experiences and lessons that God has taught her and we will be sharing it in a series of articles. ...

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Pua Mission Trip -- Sep 2022


After a 2.5-year break due to the pandemic, we are back to Pua to conduct the quarterly English Camp. We thank God for the team of 14 who headed to Kathy's Home from 23-26 September. ...

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Missionaries' Sharing: Yap Kim Meng and Goh Beow Kheng

kim meng and beow kheng navigators singapore

At our May prayer meeting, Yap Kim Meng shared about his and his wife, Goh Beow Kheng's work with the Navigators. ...

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No Retirement in God's Kingdom


In 2016, William and Karen Lenn established Beacon Hall, a hostel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has been a fruitful time for the faithful couple as they witnessed how God provides and works in their midst. They share how it all started and their prayer for this endeavour....

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Missions Sharing: Bangladeshi in Singapore

bangladeshi in singapore

At our prayer meeting in the month of April, Chester shared with the church about the Bangladeshi and their needs, on behalf of the Missions Committee....

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We Aspire to Grow in Mission-Mindedness


Bibianna shares five ways that we can participate in the work of proclaiming the good news that God has sent Jesus to redeem and reconcile us back to God....

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Interview with the Missions Committee


Our Missions Committee has been working behind the scenes to connect with our missionaries. We interview Elder Jonathan to find out more about the Missions Committee and the work they've been doing. ...

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Praying for Missions


We have been praying for our missionaries at our monthly prayer meetings, but sometimes we may struggle with praying for them. What are some biblical priorities that we can consider when we pray? ...

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Interview with Sylvia Chong


Sylvia Chong, one of our missionaries who has recently retired from Cru Singapore where she has served for 40 years, shares candidly the joys and struggles of serving in the missions field and how God has been faithful. ...

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Interview with Koh Siang Kiang


On 31 May, Koh Siang Kiang, one of our missionaries, officially retired as full-time faculty from Singapore Bible College. We catch up with her to find out what are her plans and how we can pray for her....

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Living for Purpose

missions acts 1v8b header

Tony and Yoke Meng Chan update us on their ministry with Wycliffe Singapore since 2006 and their future plans as they step down from GBC Missions Programme....

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Let the Nations Be Glad!


Eric Lui shares the salient points he picked up from reading John Piper's Let the Nations Be Glad!...

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God is Good... All The Time! (Pua Mission Trip Mar 2020)


Last month, a team from GBC headed to Kathy's Home at Pua, Thailand to conduct Vacation Bible School (VBS). The team shares with us how God has put together the VBS programme....

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Pua Mission Trip Dec 2019

14 GBC members, including Pastor Eugene Low's family, headed to Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp at Kathy's Home from 6-9 December, 2019. Pastor Eugene reflects on the first time trip for the Lows. ...

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Short Term Missions Opportunities

Last Sunday, Joey Raju shared with us a new initiative by the Missions Committee to encourage all members to take part in missions. Find out more about this 3-month programme....

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Compelled to Cambodia by the Love of Christ

Over the course of six days from 7-12 Oct 2019, Kim Cheng led a group of 10 from GBC on a short-term mission trip to Cambodia. Read the encouraging reflection from members who joined the trip for the first or second time....

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Pua Mission Trip Aug-Sep 2019

We thank God for the privilege to participate in His work in the lives of the Hmong people in Northern Thailand. Find out more from the trip report of the team that headed to Kathy's Home in Pua from 30 Aug to 2 Sep to conduct the quarterly English camp. ...

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To Love as Christ Loved Us (Baptist Mission Conference)

Clarice Cheong attended the recent Missions Conference at GBC and was reminded that it is Christ’s love that motivates and enables us to proclaim the gospel....

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Pua Mission Trip -- May 2019

We are grateful for the team of ten, including three newcomers, who braved the heat and headed to Thailand from 24-27 May to conduct the quarterly English camp at Kathy's Home. The newcomers were greatly encouraged by God's work in Pua and we hope that their thoughtful reflection below will in turn encourage you to join us for the next trip from 30 Aug to 2 Sep....

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Mission Trip to Cambodia: 7-14 Apr 19

A team of six members from GBC headed to Cambodia in April to perform dental work and technical training under Project Khmer Hope. Eric Lui shares with us more about God's work in this part of the world. ...

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Pua Mission Trip March 2019

A team of 12 members, including 3 newcomers headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand, over 1-4 March to conduct the quarterly English camp. Read about the trip as well as reflection from the 3 newcomers....

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Pause to Pray

David and Gladys Chang have been serving with OMF in Bangkok for many years. In 2018, they were refreshed by a time of furlough back in the US and they have since returned to the field in Jul 2018. They share with us how they have experienced God's abundant love and faithfulness as they transition and how we can pray for them....

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An Update from Fedora

Early last year, Fedora Teong headed to Thailand to start her three-year term with OMF. She is back with us for these two weeks and she updates us on what she's doing in Thailand and how you can pray for her and God's work in Thailand....

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Pua Mission Trip - Dec 2018

11 GBC members had a blessed time conducting the quarterly English Camp at Kathy's Home in Pua from 7-11 Dec 2018. Read the trip report to find out more....

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Dedication Service at Beacon Hall

On 15 December 2018, Beacon Hall held its dedication service. Thanks to the support of partners, donors, supporters and well-wishers, there are presently 9 university students living in the Hall, with rooms for at least 6 more next year....

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Cambodia Mission Trip 2018

From 30 Sept to 5 Oct, a team of 9 flew to Cambodia for a short-term dental mission trip. The team composed of five members from GBC, and four others from Redemption Hill Church, St Andrew’s Cathedral, and Zion Living Streams Community Church....

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Pua Mission Trip - Sept 2018

On 31 Aug 2018. a team of 9 headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp. All 9 members have been visiting Pua regularly and we thank God for each and every one of them. Read the trip report to find out more....

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Update from Shige Mori

Shigeyuki Mori has been serving with the Singapore Japanese Christian Fellowship (SJCF) since 1986. Here Shige shares with us the challenges and joys of reaching out to the Japanese community in Singapore....

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Pua Mission Trip -- May 2018

Ten of us headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp from 18-21 May 2018. The Thai academic year was about to begin and the team was excited to meet ten new children at the home. Read the trip report to find out more....

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Great Commission Month (May 2018)

This year, GBC has set aside May as our Great Commission Month. The sermons and EQUIP classes for this month will focus on the Great Commission – to bring our families, our neighbours, and our nation and beyond, to know the gospel and to become disciples of Jesus Christ....

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Vacation Bible School at Pua, Mar 2018

In March, a team of nine GBC members headed to Pua to conduct Vacation Bible School for the children at Kathy's Home. It was an experience that left the team feeling encouraged and blessed. We hope the team's reflection of the trip will encourage you to also take part in GBC's very own Vacation Bible School taking place over 31 May to 2 June 2018. ...

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The Burden of University Ministry in a Post-Christian Society

Barnabas Lin has been ministering through IVCF in Chicago for the last eight years. During his academic sabbatical last year, he sought God’s guidance for his future steps in ministry, and here he shares with us the questions he wrestled with....

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Aunty Poh Kin's Visit to Beacon Hall

Aunty Poh Kin, who is 97 years old and a long-time member of GBC, made a trip to Beacon Hall in Chiang Mai in November this year. Susan Tan, her niece and a regular volunteer and supporter of the work at Kathy's Home in Pua, shared how God has so generously answered Aunty Poh Kin's prayer and enabled her to visit Beacon Hall to see the marvellous work He is doing there....

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Pua Mission Trip -- Dec 2017

10 GBC members conducted the quarterly English Camp at Kathy's Home in Pua from 1-4 Dec 2017. They also visited the House of Hope – a dormitory for Hmong students under The Firm Foundation – which is about 20mins away at Thawangpha. Read the trip report to find out more....

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A Note to My Church Family

Our dear sister, Lily Pang, who has retired as a missionary after faithfully serving 33 years in the field, updates us on the task that God has laid upon her heart to serve among the elderly in GBC and Singapore....

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From Farm Boy to Global Ambassador

Tom Chandler, one of the missionaries whom GBC has the privilege to partner with, explains how God used his unique background to prepare him for his ministry in Asia....

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Missionary Apprentice -- Fedora Teong

Now in her final semester at the Singapore Bible College, Fedora Teong updates us on her potential overseas mission plans in Thailand with OMF after graduation. We pray for her as she prepares to move out of her comfort zone, to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. ...

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Pua Mission Trip -- Sept 2017

A team of nine headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp from 1-4 Sept 2017. For this camp, they also taught the children English memory verse songs from the Children Ministry's Singing God's Love in God's Word music album. The children (and teachers) had a great time learning the songs. Read the trip report to find out more....

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An Update from Beacon Hall

Beacon Hall, a hostel for university students in Chiang Mai, started its first intake of students in April 2017. We thank God for the hard work of William and Karen Lenn in seeing through the building of the hostel and for their joy and commitment to want to serve Him among the Hmong and Thai communities. Karen Lenn shares with us more about the students they are ministeri...

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Short-term mission trip to Cambodia 2017

Over 6 days a team from GBC demonstrated the love of Jesus to rural Cambodians through dental care, teaching, and sharing the word of God....

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Pua Mission Trip -- May 2017

11 GBC members headed to Pua, Thailand, to conduct the quarterly English Camp at Kathy's Home from 26-29 May 2017. The Thai academic year has just begun and the team was excited to meet four new children at the home. Read the trip report to find out more....

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Luwuk Mission Trip 2017

As part of the program for Great Commission Month, the iCare CG shared with us the recent trip some of them made to Luwuk to visit Tzi Ping and Heidi Leong, their CG members cum adopted missionaries. The trip has helped them better understand and appreciate Ping and Heidi's work among the Saluan people. If you have missed their presentation, here's a short recap of what th...

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Building Bridges

Pastor Ian shares his hope for GBC to consider how God might use us to support ministries that intentionally serve as bridges to the hearts of our neighbours....

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Kamus Saluan - Saluan Dictionary Project

Tzi Ping and Heidi, our missionaries in Luwuk, update us on the Saluan dictionary project. We are so encouraged by how God is opening doors for them to bless the Saluan community and we are very excited for the launch of the Saluan dictionary app – Kamus Saluan....

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May the Peoples Praise You

This year’s theme song for Great Commission Month (GCM), 'May the Peoples Praise You', is a timely encouragement for Grace Baptist Church. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this song reminds us of the truth of God’s salvation plan....

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Letter from a Dear Missionary Couple

GBC receives a heart-warming letter from a dear missionary couple who has been away for many years. We give thanks for what God has been doing in and through them to minister to the Unreached People Groups, and we pray alongside them as they transit to a new assignment and city. ...

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Pua Mission Trip -- Feb 2017

A group of six GBC members, comprising five regular members and newcomer Sherri Buntain, headed to Pua, Thailand, to conduct the quarterly English Camp at Kathy's Home from 24-27 Feb 2017. Read the trip report to find out more. ...

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Christmas Love Box

Towards the end of every year you will have heard appeals from the Missions Committee (MC) for love offerings to be given to the Christmas Love Box (CLB). You may have wondered what exactly is this Christmas Love Box? ...

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Christmas Greetings from Ping and Heidi

Ping and Heidi, together with their boys, give thanks for the Holy Spirit that expresses His life and power through their daily lives....

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Touching Lives in Our Own Backyard

Michael Chee reflects on lessons learned from GBC’s Great Commission Month, which took place in July....

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A Beacon of Truth and Light

Karen Lenn updates us on the progress of Beacon Hall, a hostel in Chiang Mai. We pray that the hostel will serve the needs of the students there and bring glory to God. ...

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Sharing by Our Dear Missionary : Lily Pang

In this post, Lily, our long-time, dedicated and committed missionary who has given many years of her life to world missions, gives glory to God who called her to service in the mission field. ...

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Adopt-a-Missionary (AM) Programme

Have your care group adopted a missionary yet? Find out more about how we can support and care for our missionaries by adopting them....

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Strengthened in Christ - the Word of God in our Own Language

Heidi Leong reminds us of the immense privilege we have of being able to read the Bible in our own language, and testifies that it is God’s word that strengthens and sustains her and her husband Tzi Ping as they serve as missionaries in Indonesia....

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Rooted in Christ as a Missionary

David Chang reflects on sinking his spiritual roots in Christ, whilst serving in metropolitan Bangkok....

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Cambodia Mission Trip (8-12 June 2015)

6 GBC members went on a dental mission trip to the Trang Province of Cambodia in June. Read about the trip here!...

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Reaching out to the young ones in Kampuchea

Deborah Teo shares about her missionary journey to Cambodia and how she serves God there....

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GBC's Visit to Roslin Orphanage - 16-20 Apr 15

In this blogpost, Captain Budi of Roslin Orphanage shared how the recent visit by GBC has blessed the children at Roslin Orphanage and Roslin School....

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GBC Mission Weekend - A Missional Lifestyle: Love Your Neigbour

GBC had its missions conference over 28-29 Mar. Speakers from different organisations were invited to share their work in worldwide missions....

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Care Group outing with the Gracehaven kids to Changi Beach

Esther Yap shares about her care group's recent outing with the kids from Gracehaven....

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Interview with David Chang

In the month of June, we heard from one of our missionaries, David Chang. We caught up with him after that, and asked him to share a bit more about his conversion, and his call to missions. ...

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GBC Missions Emphasis Month: "How will they hear?" (July 2014)

So what does missions emphasis month entail in 2014? ...

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Let Your Kingdom Come

In this post, we describe the missions month song for emphasis - Let Your Kingdom Come. ...

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Missionary letter from Tzi Ping, Heidi, Benaja and Esra

One of our dear missionary families, the Leongs, have written to the church family to share their experiences and to encourage us. Let us remember them in prayer, interceding for their work and for their needs before our Heavenly Father. ...

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Interview with missionaries Leong Tzi Ping and Heidi

In this interview, we speak to our dear missionaries Ping and Heidi about their upcoming overseas assignment. Have a read and pray for them! ...

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