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The Local Church and Building Healthy Churches

dever conference header size

On 20 and 21 October, we hosted two conferences with Mark Dever, pastor of Capital Hill Baptist Church and from 9Marks ministry. The first conference was targeted at leaders ("Building Healthy Churches"). The other, which was jointly organised with Adam Road Presbyterian Church (ARPC) was for church members ("The Local Church"). One of our members, Ryan Ang, attended b...

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Installation of Elders (October 2023)

elder oct 2023 header

At our 8 October 2023 service, we installed our new elders Jeremy Lee and Beh Soo Hee. ...

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Installation of Elders (March 2023)

elder installation 2023 header

At our 26 March 2023 service, our elders who were recently re-elected reaffirmed their vows to serve God's flock. It was also a time for the congregation to commit to supporting and working together with them for the good of the gospel....

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Installation of Pastor Mark


We thank God for bringing Mark, Megan and their children to us. As a church, we had the privilege of installing Mark as our newest pastor for family ministries at our weekend services....

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Installation of New Elders

2627feb2022 elder installation congregation header

During last weekend's services, the elders reaffirmed their vows to serve God's flock and the congregation also committed to support and work together with them for the good of the gospel....

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Our Pastor is Leaving. Now What?


As we enter into a period of transition, Pastor Ian offers some suggestions on how we can joyfully navigate the coming days. ...

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God’s Antidote for the Trauma of Transition


Pastor Ian explains why there's a need for the leadership transition that he announced last Sunday....

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Quarterly Congregational Meeting (5 Jul 2020)

Join us this Sunday for our 2nd Quarterly Congregational Meeting of the year at 11am....

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Testimony of Nehemiah Chong

Nehemiah Chong shares how he came to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ and how God called him out of himself to serve God and His people....

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Testimony of Pastor Eugene Low

Pastor Eugene Low shares how he came to believe in Jesus as His Lord and Saviour and sought to live to serve Christ, His redeemer....

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Testimony of Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan shares how Jesus called him to repent from his sins and to put his faith in Him daily, bringing glory to God with everything He has given him. ...

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Grace Together, Serving One Another Together

Yanadi Gunawan (Yan) reflects on the 5 months he spent at GBC as a pastoral intern. Originally from Indonesia, Yan is currently a student at the Singapore Baptist Theological Seminary, and his ministry calling is in teaching and preaching, possibly in an academy. ...

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Re-election of Ps Ian Buntain

We thank God for Ps Ian and Sherri and their love and service among us for the last 2.5 years. This Sunday after service, there will be an English Congregational Meeting to re-elect Ps Ian as Lead Pastor of the English Congregation. Below, Ps Ian shares with us how God has called him into His ministry....

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Commissioning of Elders

During our service on 17 March, we commissioned four elders – Ngo Thian Chye, Lam Lup Meng, Mok Chuan-Xin and Caleb Yap. We thank God for stirring in their hearts the desire to serve and we pray that the church will support and encourage them....

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Elder Recommendation - Caleb Yap

Last Sunday, Pastor Ian interviewed Caleb Yap for the church to find out more about him as we prepare to affirm our elders on 17 Feb. Here, Caleb shares with us how God has been working in his life. ...

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Elder Recommendation - Beh Soo Hee

At the upcoming EC Meeting on 17 Feb, we will be asking the church to renew Beh Soo Hee's term as an elder. Beh shares with us why he agreed to continue serving GBC as an elder. ...

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Elder Recommendation - Mok Chuan-Xin

At the upcoming EC Meeting on 17 Feb, we will be asking the church to affirm Mok Chuan-Xin as an elder. Chuan-Xin shares with us why he felt compelled to serve in this capacity....

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Lead the Way Protocol

Pastor Bobby Lee will be sharing on "Impactful Biblical Leadership" during the Baptist Convention's seminar "Lead the Way Protocol" taking place on 8 September. We catch up with him to get to know more about the seminar....

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Nurturing Elders and Pastors (Part 2)

Pastor Ian explains to us the elders and pastoral staff's recommendation of Samuel Beh – a ministry staff and elder associate – to join the pastoral team as an Associate Pastor. There will be a Q&A session during this Sunday's QCM should you have any questions regarding the elder recommendations....

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Nurturing Elders and Pastors

We will be voting for new elders on 22 July during a special congregational meeting. Pastor Ian shares with us the pastoral team's elder recommendations and the process that will take place. ...

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Obey and Submit to our Elders

To help prepare us to recognise new elders, our pastors have been considering what the Bible says about the roles, qualifications and spiritual gifting of an elder. But what about the role of the church? This week, Pastor Oliver reveals what God has to say about our role and disposition towards our elders. ...

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Interview with Samuel and Jessica

Pastor Ian wrote about Samuel Beh joining us as a new ministry support staff from 14 August onwards. This week, we interviewed Samuel and his wife Jessica (affectionately known to some as "Sam and Jess") to find out more about them and how we can support and encourage them as a community!...

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The Joy of Mutual Ministry

Church leaders have an important responsibility towards the members of the church: they are to keep watch over our souls. How, then can we, as church members, make our leaders’ work a joy and not a burden? ...

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Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 12 - Leadership and Submission

Christian leaders should lead as Christ leads the church, and Christians should submit to their leaders and to each other, because by doing so they are submitting to Christ....

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