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Food, Rain, and the Lord Jesus


Samuel encourages us to see God's goodness and grace in the common every day things—good food and rain. ...

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Family of Grace


Carrie reflects on how God has showed His grace to her and her family. She helpfully reminds us that each conversion is a miracle and act of grace, and encourages us to persevere in sharing the gospel. ...

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Tough Grace in Tough Times


Do you walk away from God or do you draw closer to the Lord during tough times? Pastor Thian Chye looked back at how God's tough grace during a difficult time in his life has humbled him and enabled him to trust and submit to God....

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Students of Grace


Have you tried learning something lately? What kind of a student are you? As readers of the Bible and students of Genesis, it can be tempting to assume that we know it. After all, Genesis could be a book that's familiar to many of us. ...

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God's Faithfulness Across the Generations


Pastor Oliver explains why the Bible includes lists of genealogies and how they point to God's faithfulness across generations....

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Practical Help as a Common Grace of God


How can we help the strugglers in our midst? Yanadi, our Christian Education Ministry Worker, points us to some resources to help us help others....

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Keep Coming to the Living Stone


Pastor Eugene encourages us to continually draw near to Christ, and not take the gospel for granted....

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Evidences of Grace

What is God doing in our midst? Caleb Yap encourages us with these evidences of His bountiful and merciful grace that the Lord has opened his eyes to. May you be encouraged and strengthened as much as we are, and may our love for God and for one another grow....

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Loving God’s Beloved

How does God feel about His beloved? Pastor Eugene shares with us what God says about the church—His beloved bride—and how we can love and serve one another for His glory....

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