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Combined Thanksgiving Service 2023


On 12 August 2023, we held a Thanksgiving Service to celebrate 64 years of God's faithfulness to Grace Baptist Church. This was held together with our Chinese-language congregation, and was the first one held since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. ...

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We Are Gospel People

we are gospel people header

Pastor Eugene shared this exhortation from Isaiah 40:1-11 at the Combined Thanksgiving Service on 12 August 2023. ...

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Christ Enables Us to Do Spiritual Good

Camp devo header

Various members wrote the daily devotion for our recent church camp. This meditation on Philippians 2:1-11 was written by Fiona Teong. ...

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Speaking of Our Faith


Yanadi shares how reading Galatians has prompted him to reflect on and share his faith struggles with fellow Christians. Learning about the centrality of the gospel in Galatians also encourages us to speak to those beyond the church....

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Singing the Gospel


Bibianna reflects on how Christians have been made to sing, and have reason to sing, not only individually, but together in community....

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For Our Joy


Pastor Eugene encourages us to rejoice in the Lord, whose gospel is for our joy....

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How Are You Really Doing Spiritually?


Joshua reflects on a recent sermon in Galatians, that reminded us that our salvation and standing before God is not based on our actions, but on Christ's alone. ...

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How Do I Live Out the Gospel?


Pastor Thian Chye shares a practical example of how we can live out the gospel in this local body of Christ....

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Books on the Gospel

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The gospel is central to the Christian's life and we never outgrow our need for it. Here, we recommend a few books that can help us in our study of the gospel and Scripture. ...

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Faith Alone


Introducing our new sermon series on Galatians, Pastor Eugene hopes we will be encouraged to know, guard, and treasure the gospel....

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Sermon Schedule: Galatians -- Faith Alone


Our series in Galatians will run from end of August to November 2022. We have spent a large portion of the year in Genesis, an Old Testament book which has helped us to understand God's plan of redemption for His people and the world. Galatians, a New Testament epistle, speaks of the fulfilment of God's promises through Christ in the gospel, and the importance of this gosp...

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What We Aspire to Be


What are your aspirations for 2022? Have you considered what God wants you to aspire to be? Pastor Oliver shares the aspirations for GBC for 2022 as well as his!...

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The Gospel that Makes Us Together and Alive


Yanadi, our Christian Education Ministry Worker, encourages us to rely on God's supernatural works rather than our own creaturely works, while faithfully doing our creaturely best together for the building up of the church....

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The Gospel Culture of Confessing Sins


Joshua Lowe, our Youth Ministry Worker, exhorts us to confess our sins to one another and how by doing so, we might be an encouragement to our youths. ...

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The Church: Sermon Series on Ephesians


For the next four weeks, we will embark on a short sermon series on Ephesians, entitled The Church....

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How God Led Me to GBC


David Chung, a new member, shares with us how God led him to GBC....

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Keep Coming to the Living Stone


Pastor Eugene encourages us to continually draw near to Christ, and not take the gospel for granted....

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Witnessing for Jesus Christ


Do you find it difficult to share the gospel? Pastor Oliver invites Michael Wee to share how he depends on God to tell of the good news of Jesus Christ....

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Thick-Skinned and Relentless for the Gospel

How do we share the gospel when time is short and there is a pressing sense of urgency? Cecilia Kang pens an honest and heartfelt account of a too-short friendship ...

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2Gs Lunchbytes - 14 Apr (Sat), 11am to 2pm

Yap Kim Meng shares with us an evangelistic event that The Navigators is partnering with GBC. Mark your calendars and pray that this event will stir up in us a desire to share the gospel naturally in our lives with all those around us. ...

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Starting Conversations About the Gospel

Many of us do wish to share our faith with our colleagues but how can we begin some of these conversations naturally?...

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Keeping the Flame

Pastor Eugene exhorts us to keep the flame of the gospel lit through time and space by passing it on from generation to generation....

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Why Do People Reject the Gospel?

Pastor Ian shares with us five reasons for people's rejection of Jesus, and provides wise and practical advice on how we can respond....

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What is a Healthy Church?

Is our church healthy? How are we unhealthy? Do we know what being a healthy church looks like? What medication should we be taking, and what habits should we be changing? Read on for Caleb Yap's quick summary of Jonathan Leeman’s teaching during the "What is a Healthy Church?" conference held on 17 Jul....

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Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 14 - Sharing the Gospel

Sharing the Gospel is an essential part of disciple-making and is something that all Christians should be prepared to do....

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The Gospel that Changes Prayers

In this personal sharing by Tan Yee Kiat, we see how transformation through faith in Jesus directs our prayers....

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