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Faith Alone: Songs from Galatians


Clara Lim reflects on how the Reformation Concert has shown her the beauty of singing together with one voice to the glory of God. ...

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Help! Is Anyone Willing to Bear My Burdens?‬


What does it mean to bear someone else's burdens? Pastor Thian Chye reflects on how we can apply the sermon practically. ...

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Speaking of Our Faith


Yanadi shares how reading Galatians has prompted him to reflect on and share his faith struggles with fellow Christians. Learning about the centrality of the gospel in Galatians also encourages us to speak to those beyond the church....

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For Our Joy


Pastor Eugene encourages us to rejoice in the Lord, whose gospel is for our joy....

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How Do I Live Out the Gospel?


Pastor Thian Chye shares a practical example of how we can live out the gospel in this local body of Christ....

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The Pursuit of Significance


Samuel Ho looks back at the time he spent at architecture school pursuing significance and reminds us that we are justified in Christ alone....

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Gospel Reminders


We have a tendency to forget the gospel that salvation is through faith in Christ alone—nothing more, nothing less. Here, Bibianna shares her struggles with this and how we can remind one another of this gospel truth....

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Faith Alone


Introducing our new sermon series on Galatians, Pastor Eugene hopes we will be encouraged to know, guard, and treasure the gospel....

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Sermon Schedule: Galatians -- Faith Alone


Our series in Galatians will run from end of August to November 2022. We have spent a large portion of the year in Genesis, an Old Testament book which has helped us to understand God's plan of redemption for His people and the world. Galatians, a New Testament epistle, speaks of the fulfilment of God's promises through Christ in the gospel, and the importance of this gosp...

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