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Tuesday Enquiry Group

Do you have questions about what Christians believe? Do you wonder why Christians spend so much time reading the Bible? Join us for these six sessions where you will get to meet Christians and ask them about their faith.

The History That Walks Among Us

Pastor Ian reflects on his recent conversation with one of the founding members of GBC.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Our YA ministry has been holding regular evangelism events that focus on topics that many young adults identify and struggle with. Some past topics included relationships and the life we lead online. This September, they will be holding another event titled “Who do you think you are?” on 28 Sept and they’ve shared with us their motivations and purposes for this upcoming session.

Thick-Skinned and Relentless for the Gospel

How do we share the gospel when time is short and there is a pressing sense of urgency? Cecilia Kang pens an honest and heartfelt account of a too-short friendship

Gracehaven Outing to Kampong Glam -- 17 Aug 2019

On 17 Aug, one of GBC's care groups organised a walking tour of Kampong Glam for the children of Gracehaven. Read why the outing impressed upon the participants that God is in control.

Talking about God on Tuesdays

How do you usually spend your Tuesday evenings? For a period of 7 weeks, a group from GBC and their friends met on Tuesday nights to tackle questions people might have about the Christian faith. Who were the people who came? Read on to find out!

Praying for Celebration of Hope

Pastor Eugene shares how you can pray for the Celebration of Hope evangelistic event that will take place from 17-19 May 2019.

Fool's Talk -- Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion

Eric Liu reviews OS Guinness' Fool's Talk to encourage us to read the book to have a better understanding of Christian apologetics and advocacy.

Bringing Others to Jesus

Who can be an evangelist? From the story of Andrew, we realise that we do not need a seminary degree or professional training to bring people to Jesus. Anyone who has experienced the joy and hope found in Jesus can tell others about Jesus and bring them to Him.

Does God Exist?

Why does the "existence of God" matter? In a world where people of different beliefs are increasingly unable to talk across divides to one another, it matters that Christians learn to articulate what we believe. The Tuesday Enquiry Group (TEG) was designed to provide such a platform, and the team shares with us how the first session went, and what are some of the goals of this series.

Does It Spark Joy? -- A YA Evangelistic Event

Pratas and conversations about the pursuit of happiness -- this was the scene at the recent evangelistic event by the young adults.

Does It Spark Joy? Living Life in the Pursuit of Happiness

This Saturday, the Young Adults ministry will be having their first Evangelistic meeting of the year. Playing off the phrase “Does it spark joy?” (made popular by Marie Kondo in her Netflix series on de-cluttering your home) the event seeks to confront what it is that young people seem to find their joy in and how they pursue it in their daily lives.

Compassion Ministry Focus: Gladiolus Place

Pastor Oliver encourages us to prayerfully consider how we can be involved in serving and loving our neighbour, Gladiolus Place, one of the Compassion Ministry platforms of GBC.

"Why are we friends?" - YA Evangelism Event

The Young Adults ministry recently held an evangelistic dinner centred around the topic of relationships. It was a night of honest sharing and conversations, and many friends got a chance to enter a church, meet Christians and hear about what Christians believe in.

Why are we friends? -- A YA evangelism dinner

We all struggle with relationships and for young adults in particular, the struggles often coincide with stressful changes and life transitions. These struggles serve also as areas that the church can speak into, and demonstrate practical love, and our young adults aim to do so at this upcoming evangelism event.

Tell me a Story - in Singlish!

Sylvia Chong attended the "Tell Me a Story" workshop organised by Wycliffe and held in GBC over 13-17 September and shares with us what she has learnt and do not miss her translation of Philippians 3:1-4 into Singlish!

What went on at the Tuesday Enquiry Group?

The first run of this weekly evangelistic class concluded in May, and the team shares with us how God provided during these weeks. A second series begins soon from 14 August onwards!

2Gs Lunchbytes - 14 Apr (Sat), 11am to 2pm

Yap Kim Meng shares with us an evangelistic event that The Navigators is partnering with GBC. Mark your calendars and pray that this event will stir up in us a desire to share the gospel naturally in our lives with all those around us.

Engaging the World

Do you live in a 'Christian bubble', spending most of your time with only Christians? Here are four helpful suggestions from Pastor Eugene on how to better engage with non-Christians and win them for Christ.

The Tuesday Enquiry

The Tuesday Enquiry is a weekly evangelistic study that hopes to provide a consistent and open door for unbelievers to explore the Gospel at GBC. Held every Tuesday nights from 730 to 930pm, this evangelistic class hopes that unbelievers will be able to experience hospitality and community.

Christmas Celebration

Seah Kah Yin encourages us to invite our family & friends to join us for our Christmas Celebration on 24th Dec. Let's take this opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ with others this Christmas.

Starting Conversations About the Gospel

Many of us do wish to share our faith with our colleagues but how can we begin some of these conversations naturally?

Why Do People Reject the Gospel?

Pastor Ian shares with us five reasons for people's rejection of Jesus, and provides wise and practical advice on how we can respond.

Gracehaven Outreach -- 15 Jul 2017

On the 15th of July, the Young Adults Ministry spent a morning with the children from the Gracehaven home. Hannah Yeo reflects on the time spent with the children and encourages us to keep telling of Jesus, the only one who can change us from restless rebels into sons and daughters of God.

YA Ministry Evangelistic Event: Meet the Church

Meet The Church: Testimonies by Believers from Difficult Backgrounds was organized by the Evangelism Committee of the GBC Young Adults (YA) ministry. The team organised this with the purpose of encouraging and challenging Christians to share the gospel boldly.

Building Bridges

Pastor Ian shares his hope for GBC to consider how God might use us to support ministries that intentionally serve as bridges to the hearts of our neighbours.

May the Peoples Praise You

This year’s theme song for Great Commission Month (GCM), 'May the Peoples Praise You', is a timely encouragement for Grace Baptist Church. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this song reminds us of the truth of God’s salvation plan.

Why Do People Remain Lost?

Ps Ian reminds us in this post that as we enjoy and celebrate God's blessings of our soon-to-be completed new building, we need to be mindful that the church is not a building and we should be a church beyond our building!

Gracehaven Outreach - 8 Apr 2017

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, ten GBC members gathered at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to prepare an outdoor mini amazing race with 17 children from Gracehaven.

Decentralized Evangelistic Christmas (DEC) Celebration

Are you making disciples? Are you spreading the Good News? How about turning this Christmas season into a special outreach to families and friends who have yet to know Christ?

From Sunday Chore to Life Together

The faithfulness of one led him to a community of many. Tan Yee Kiat reflects on the importance of God’s family.

Essentials of Discipleship - Seminar 15: Sharing Your Testimony

Sharing your testimony is a way of explaining how God has worked in your life, and can be a powerful and effective way of spreading the Gospel.

Sharing by Mak and Narola Sanglir

Our church's missionaries in Thailand, Mak and Narola Sanglir, gave an update on their ministry and challenged us to evangelise as part of discipleship.

Storm The Gates of Hell

In this sermon from Acts 4, we are reminded of the bold proclamation of the gospel undertaken by the apostles and early church. They stood firm on the gospel truths though it led them to much opposition. How can we learn from them?

You Can Be A Marketplace Witness

Taken from Acts 17:16-34, we are reminded in this sermon about how our workplaces too, are places that we can boldly proclaim the gospel. How can we live it out this week?

Community Day @GBC - 13 Sep 2014

We thank God for the opportunity and privilege to welcome the MacPherson community to GBC for a day of fun, food and fellowship.

How visitor-friendly is your church?

At GBC, we have invested some effort and resources into making the church welcoming for visitors. But are these means enough? How visitor-friendly is the church, really?

Tuition Ministry outing to Changi Airport

In December 2013, the Tuition Ministry organised an outing for students to Changi Airport.

Now that Christmas is over, pray

As you look at the images of this gallery, pray for the work began at our Christmas service.

Christmas Evangelistic Service: 13 quotations on how to pray

13 well known pastors, preachers and theologians lend their thoughts on how to think of prayer and evangelism

Interview with Pastor Bobby on evangelism

Pastor Bobby answers questions on evangelism and provides teaching on how Gospel proclamation is every Christian's personal responsibility

Interview with Yap Kim Meng about Pray for 100 for Christmas

As a part of the committee for the Christmas evangelistic outreach and Pray for 100 for Christmas, Yap Kim Meng hopes to energize our faith in God for active personal evangelism.

Evangelism Training

Want to learn how to share your faith better this Christmas Season? Then come for our Sunday Discip...