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‭‭Let’s Not Deceive Ourselves!


Pastor Thian Chye shares the ways that our church camp encouraged him personally, and exhorts us to continue to persevere in doing spiritual good to one another. ...

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Reflecting God's Image


What does it mean to be created in God's image and what are the implications? Pastor Oliver draws our attention to The Great Commission....

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Investing in People


Pastor Eugene encourages us to invest our resources in people, to grow them in the faith and to equip them for faithful ministry....

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Book Review: David Helm's One-to-One Bible Reading


Pastor Oliver Chia reviews David Helm's One-to-One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian. ...

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Doing Justice, Loving Kindness, and Walking Humbly with Your God

Is social justice the mission of the church? Pastor Oliver clarifies what social justice is and what it is not. ...

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Preaching at First Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak

On 10 Feb, we prayed for our Elder Associate, Tan Yee Kiat, during our pastoral prayer. Yee Kiat, or "Yeeks" as he is affectionately known to us, had the great privilege of preaching in the church of his hometown in Kuching. He shares with us his preaching experience here. ...

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Calling Men and Women of Grace

Pastor Eugene shares with us two articles from the 9Marks Journal on discipleship and encourages us to attend the new EQUIP class ...

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Seekers Class: Christianity 101

Do you know that GBC has classes available where you and your friends can hear the gospel explained? During the rebuilding of our church at Mattar Road, we held this Seekers Class ‘on-demand’ rather than on a regular basis, but we are now ready to revert to a fixed schedule come 2018. Chong Kang Wei tells us about the Seekers Class and inspires us to get involved....

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Keeping the Flame

Pastor Eugene exhorts us to keep the flame of the gospel lit through time and space by passing it on from generation to generation....

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Evidences of Grace

What is God doing in our midst? Caleb Yap encourages us with these evidences of His bountiful and merciful grace that the Lord has opened his eyes to. May you be encouraged and strengthened as much as we are, and may our love for God and for one another grow....

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Discipling in our Weakness

A common reason people cite for not discipling others is that they feel inadequate - not just ill-equipped, but actually disqualified, due to sin and personal weakness. Read Pastor Eugene's article to discover that in God's hands this very insufficiency can be a powerful part of our discipling, as we acknowledge our need of God and depend on Him to bring conviction and und...

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What is a Healthy Church?

Is our church healthy? How are we unhealthy? Do we know what being a healthy church looks like? What medication should we be taking, and what habits should we be changing? Read on for Caleb Yap's quick summary of Jonathan Leeman’s teaching during the "What is a Healthy Church?" conference held on 17 Jul....

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Discipleship NOT For Me

Yap Kim Meng urges us not to be intimidated by the words ‘disciple-making’, but simply to commit ourselves to extend Christian love and care to those around us....

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