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Baptisms and Transfers -- 21 Aug 22


It was our joy to welcome 14 new members both by baptism and transfer on 21 August 2022. We rejoice with them as they publicly come to profess their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to obey the first command to believers to be baptised (Matt 28:19)....

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A Day to Give Thanks


There were many things to be thankful for this past weekend, with the welcoming of new members at our Sunday service as well as the relaxation of some restrictions for our worship gatherings....

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Baptisms and Transfers -- 26 Jun 2021


On 26 Jun, we welcome with great joy 16 new members to the GBC family! "Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!" (Ps 34:8)...

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Baptisms and Transfers -- 20 Dec 2020


On 20 December, we had the great joy of welcoming 12 new members to the GBC family, with 7 via baptism and 5 via transfer of membership. ...

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Baptisms and Transfers -- 27 Sep 2020


On 27 September, we celebrated with great joy God's addition of 10 new members to the GBC family....

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Baptisms and Transfers -- 15 Mar 2020


On 15 March, we had the great joy and privilege of welcoming 18 new members into the GBC family!...

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Baptisms and Transfer -- 15 December 2019

We had the privilege to witness the baptisms of four young adults last Sunday and the great joy of welcoming one member via transfer of membership....

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Baptism and Transfers -- 17 Nov 19

What a joy it was to welcome ten new members last Sunday: one through baptism and nine through transfer of membership! ...

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Prepare for Worship (17 Nov 2019)

How do I honour and serve Christ in my daily conversations? ...

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Baptisms and Transfers -- 25 Aug 2019

We are so grateful for the ten new members whom God has so graciously entrusted to us. We pray that He will continue to work in them and that they will continually and joyfully live in the presence of God and His people....

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Baptisms -- 21 Jul 2019

On 21 July, we celebrated the baptism of 7 believers. It was a blessed time of reflecting on our death and resurrection in Christ as we are joined in faith to Him in the gospel. ...

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Baptisms and Transfer - 28 Oct 2018

On 28 Oct, heaven and earth rejoiced as we witnessed the baptism of five individuals....

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Baptisms and Transfers - 26 Aug 2018

On 26 August, we welcome 8 new members into the GBC family via baptism and transfer of membership. We are overjoyed and we pray that as a church family, we will love them and walk with them in His light....

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Baptism of Noah Tan - 11 Feb 2018

We rejoice with Noah Tan as he professes his faith and his desire to obey Christ by following Him in baptism. ...

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The Worship of a True King - Christmas 2017

This year's Christmas service back at Mattar Road saw 7 baptisms and 2 transfers of membership; with much rejoicing the GBC family celebrated the birth of Christ even as we reflected on the significance of His coming to dwell amongst us. ...

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Baptism of Raveendra Gunta - 19 Nov 2017

On 19 Nov 17, Raveendra Gunta took the step of obedience to acknowledge and testify of his faith in Christ through baptism. We warmly welcome him to the GBC family; and we pray that we will love him as our own and provide a home away from home for this dear brother whom the Lord has brought to our shores....

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Christ is Risen…Now What?

How do we continue to live life every day in the power of the resurrected Christ? ...

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Baptisms on Resurrection Sunday - 16 Apr 17

The church for whom Jesus died joyfully gathered this past Sunday to celebrate the risen Christ! ...

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Let's Prepare for Resurrection Sunday Worship (16 Apr 2017)

This Sunday, we want to rejoice with the young adults who are taking a step of obedience to get baptized. What's more, standing with them in the water, are the ones who have been instrumental in their decision and who are committed to grow them deeper in Christ....

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The New Testament Church: Who Was Doing All the Baptising?

In this post, Pastor Ian reflects on how good traditions of the church have inadvertently become a choke-point for the growth of the Gospel....

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Baptisms and Transfer - 11 Dec 2016

We warmly welcome six new members to GBC via baptism and transfer....

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Baptism of Amanda Chiam - 26 June 2016

We witnessed with great joy the baptism of Amanda Chiam and warmly welcome Lim Song Huat and Jonathan Lai to the GBC family upon their transferral of membership....

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Baptisms and Transfer - 24 Jan 2016

We rejoice as we welcome four new members to GBC via baptism and transfer....

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Baptism of Julian, Zhifeng, Glen & Nathanael - 13 Dec 2015

We rejoiced with Julian, Zhifeng, Glen and Nathanael as they publicly declared their faith in our Lord through baptism...

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Committing to the Lord

Li Shiwei writes about how he sees his recent baptism as both a commitment to God and a means of fostering deeper relationships with those around him....

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Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 11 - The Lord's Supper and Baptism

The ordinances are visual aids of understanding, remembering and commemorating what Christ accomplished for us in redeeming us from the punishment we deserved for our sin; the practice of the ordinances do not give salvation....

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GBC Members' Covenant

What does it mean to be a member of the church? This study in GBC's member's covenant lays out the promises we make to one another as a church. ...

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Baptism of Li Shiwei & Transfer of Membership of Jessica Fong on 26 July 2015

Celebrate the latest two members to join the GBC community - Li Shiwei and Jessica Fong....

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Baptism of Andrea, Ashley and Joseph - 5 Apr 15

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated with great joy the baptism of Andrea, Ashley and Joseph....

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Baptism & Transfer - 17 Aug 2014

We celebrate with great joy as we welcome 11 new members to the GBC family!...

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'Wash in the Water' by Desiring God Ministries

This blogpost is an excerpt from Desiring God Ministries writer David Mathis. In it, Mathis describes poignantly the meaning of the ordinance of baptism and how we ought to participate and respond to it....

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Baptism - Miriam Yeo - 30 Mar 2014

From 'why' to 'why not?', Miriam Yeo chose to lay down her pride and trust God to be the captain of her life. Hallelujah!...

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