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Sermon Schedule: Advent – Rejoice!


We end this year with our Advent series in the book of Psalms which will take us through Psalm 96 to Psalm 100. These psalms of praise call God’s people to rejoice, for the Lord has come to save. He rules as King over all the earth. He is holy and worthy of all praise and glory. ...

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Waiting for Jesus Christ’s Return


Pastor Oliver shares his reflections on waiting during the Christmas season, and encourages us to wait well. Waiting grows our patience, cultivates our desires, and strengthens our heart. ...

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Prepare for Worship (4 & 5 Dec 2021)


In Jesus Christ, we meet God. How are we looking to Jesus Christ this Advent season?...

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Christmas 2020--Good News for Thirsty People


Dikaios Pang goes behind the scenes of this year's Christmas service, a reminder of God's abundant grace in a difficult year....

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A Son is Given


Pastor Eugene encourages us to let the good news of Christ’s coming assure our hearts that God is with us and for us. ...

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Prepare for Worship (29 Nov 2020)

How would the hope of our future gain in Christ change the way we think, feel and behave right now? ...

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Advent 2020 Sermon Schedule


Our sermon series for Advent this year, entitled "A Son is Given", will look at selected passages from Isaiah as we remember and prepare for Christmas....

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Glory to God in the Highest - Christmas 2019

xmas 2019

Heng Wen Xiu recounts for us the message of Christmas @ GBC with “Angels We Have Heard on High”, a Christmas carol that we sang with much enthusiasm on Christmas Day....

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Prepare for Worship (15 Dec 2019)

In what specific ways will I praise the coming King with my lips and with my life during this Advent season?...

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Prepare for Worship (8 Dec 2019)

How would it look like for me to respond in humble trust in God when I find myself in confusing times?...

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Resounding Joy

As we enter into the season of Advent this Sunday, Pastor Oliver shares what Advent means and how we can prepare for this season. ...

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Together We Tell of Jesus Christ

How do we approach evangelism? Pastor Oliver presents a community approach to telling the good news of Jesus Christ to others. ...

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Someone is Dying

How do we face the prospect of someone dying? Pastor Ian helps us understand what God expects of us during such times....

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God our King who Reigns

What do we do when we are shaken by the brokenness of this world? Pastor Oliver encourages us to do what the psalmists do....

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The Sin that Leads to Death

Pastor Ian recapitulates last Sunday's exhortation on 1 John 5 and shares what's to come as we enter into the season of Advent....

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Sermon Schedule for December 2018

As we enter into the season of Advent, we will be looking at psalms written by an earthly king who longed for the coming of the anointed King of all kings. ...

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God Became Flesh - a Devotional Guide for Advent 2018

This Sunday marks the start of Advent in the traditional liturgical calendar. Below is a devotional guide written by Dr Poulson and Dr Koh Siang Kiang for Advent as we set apart this season to remember and celebrate the coming of Christ....

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The Joy of a Christmas Bargain

Pastor Ian points us to the best Christmas bargain we will ever find, and encourages us to respond with joyful worship and heartfelt gratitude....

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Advent Devotional: They Looked For Redemption

Since early this year Dr Poulson had the burden to reprint this devotional, "They Looked for Redemption" for use in churches, especially at Grace Baptist Church, this Advent. Let’s continue Dr Poulson’s legacy of loving God, His Word and living it out in our everyday lives....

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Veni, Veni Emmanuel!

Pastor Ian shares with us the original expectation underlying the season of Advent, and encourages us to await Christ's coming with similarly joyful and expectant hearts....

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Studying Christ in Handel's Messiah

“Hallelujah!” means praise ...

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Advent Devotionals: The Dawning of Indestructible Joy by Dr. John Piper

In this new post, we recommend a new resource by trusted teacher John Piper for Bible reading and personal devotion during this Advent season....

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Advent Call to Worship passages

The worship ministry team has selected 4 different OT and NT passages for our Sunday calls to worship. Read about why and how they have been chosen...

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How can you celebrate Advent?

What are some ways families and individuals can prepare meaningfully during the season of Advent and draw closer to Christ? Here are some ideas and resources for helping us all treasure and adore Christ....

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Overview of 'They Looked For Redemption'

Take a look at the overview of the Advent Devotional: They Looked For Redemption and how it helps us understand the true meaning of Christmas...

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