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"Press On": Church Camp Theme Song


Our church camp is happening at the end of May 2023 with the camp theme of “Doing Spiritual Good”! To help us reflect deeply on our theme, our worship team has picked “Press On” by songwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty as our camp theme song....

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Learning the Doxology Together


Worshippers coming to GBC on 9 October 2022 probably didn’t expect to come to church to learn how to sing the doxology in parts. Yet, many in the congregation took it in their stride and attempted to learn the tenor and alto parts as the song leaders taught it to them. ...

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Coming Together: A pastoral note on our worship services


Our elders have written a pastoral note on the merging of our corporate worship services ...

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Worshipping in a COVID World

11 feb-worship meeting header

The worship ministry recently held their first in-person worship ministry meeting, the first in two years. Toshi shares with us the ways that God has provided for the ministry over the past two years....

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Worship and Music Ministry


Elder Lam Lup Meng tells us more about the worship and music ministry which is currently looking for more people to serve....

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Online Services and the Lord’s Supper

The pastors and elders share their deliberation and thoughts on the decision to defer observing the Lord's Supper until we can physically gather as a church. ...

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"Jesus Shall Reign"

Hymn writer Isaac Watts composed this hymn as a paraphrase of Psalm 72. It speaks of the rule and reign of King Jesus, the royal Davidic King. It also teaches us how to sing and praise our God and King with the words in Scripture! ...

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"God Moves In A Mysterious Way"

The lyrics to “God Moves In A Mysterious Way” have been with us ever since William Cowper, the famed English hymn writer penned them in the 18th century. The men sung this at our recent Reformation Concert and here we'll take a closer look at the lyrics of this hymn. ...

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May the Peoples Praise You

This year’s theme song for Great Commission Month (GCM), 'May the Peoples Praise You', is a timely encouragement for Grace Baptist Church. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this song reminds us of the truth of God’s salvation plan....

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Let's Prepare for Resurrection Sunday Worship (16 Apr 2017)

This Sunday, we want to rejoice with the young adults who are taking a step of obedience to get baptized. What's more, standing with them in the water, are the ones who have been instrumental in their decision and who are committed to grow them deeper in Christ....

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