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Reading Habakkuk


In our series on "Hope", we've recently completed reading 1 Peter and have just started reading Habakkuk. Though these books are in different Testaments and separated by hundreds of years, both these books show us what biblical hope looks like for the people of God. ...

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New Sermon Series : Not Ashamed of the Gospel

We will begin a new teaching series entitled, Not Ashamed: Studies in the Book of Acts. Come join us as we shape our hearts by His Word and equip ourselves to be ambassadors of His Good News....

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New Sermon Series : 1 Corinthians

In this post, Pastor Arnold shares with us what we can learn from the new sermon series on 1 Corinthians beginning on 22 May 2016....

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New Sermon Series on "One Another" beginning on 24 Jan 2016

This Sunday, the pulpit ministry will kick off its first sermon from the new series on "One Another". ...

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Deliverance (Ex 1:1-2:10)

We begin a new sermon series tracing the life of Moses. ...

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New Sermon Series on "Moses" beginning on 13 September 2015

We have completed our series on "Prayer" and this Sunday, we are beginning our new series on "Moses". Pastor Arnold shares with us why and what we can learn from Moses in the face of real life changes....

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Until Now The Lord Has Helped Us: Stories of God's Mercy

In this sermon on 1 Samuel 7:2-17, Pastor Oliver reminded us of God's mercy to Israel, and how this same mercy and love was displayed on the cross years later, and is very much extended to us today! ...

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The Holiness of God

The second in the new series by Pastor Arnold about who God is. This week takes us to consider what it means that we worship a holy God, and therefore, are called to be holy as He is holy. ...

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Bryan Tan on Preaching 1 Thess 2

GBC member, Bryan Tan, now studying in Cork, Ireland shares on his recent experience of delivering a sermon on 1 Thess 2....

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Sermon Series Recap: The Church Series

In this sermon recap, we remind ourselves of what the doctrine of church is, and why it was taught to us in 2013....

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