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Sermon Schedule—Hebrews: Jesus is Better

Hebrews (2023) Website (1080 by 400 px)

For the rest of 2023, we will be in the book of Hebrews, in a series titled, "Jesus is better". ...

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Sermon Schedule -- Exodus: Redeemed for Worship


Following our study in Genesis in 2022, we will embark on a study of Exodus in 2023. The book of Exodus shows us how God is faithful to His promises to the Patriarchs. In His faithfulness, He redeems a people from slavery in Egypt to be a kingdom of priests, that they would worship and glorify him among the nations....

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Sermon Schedule: Body Building

body building 2023 header

We begin 2023 with a short series in 1 Corinthians 12 to 14, titled "Body Building". ...

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Sermon Schedule: Advent – Rejoice!


We end this year with our Advent series in the book of Psalms which will take us through Psalm 96 to Psalm 100. These psalms of praise call God’s people to rejoice, for the Lord has come to save. He rules as King over all the earth. He is holy and worthy of all praise and glory. ...

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Sermon Schedule: Galatians -- Faith Alone


Our series in Galatians will run from end of August to November 2022. We have spent a large portion of the year in Genesis, an Old Testament book which has helped us to understand God's plan of redemption for His people and the world. Galatians, a New Testament epistle, speaks of the fulfilment of God's promises through Christ in the gospel, and the importance of this gosp...

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Sermon Schedule: Genesis 12-50 -- Generations of Grace


This series in Genesis 12-50 will run from January to August in 2022. Genesis is an important book as this first book of the Pentateuch is about origins. It provides context for the rest of the Pentateuch by explaining the nature of God and the place of man in God’s creation. It also explains sin and its consequences, as well as God’s response (judgment and salvation)....

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Sermon Schedule: Prayer

Prayer (Website header)

In this series, we will be understanding prayer using the A.C.T.S model, which is derived from the Lord's Prayer. The model has the following elements: adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. Over the next month, we will be looking at prayers in the Bible and how they teach us to pray. ...

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Sermon Schedule: Hope

This series in 1 Peter and Habakkuk will run from end August to mid November, and the focus will be on the theme of biblical hope. In both of these books, believers live and suffer as exiles in a hostile world. How should we respond to our trials and afflictions? Both Peter and Habakkuk urge us to trust in our sovereign God, who is our salvation and hope. ...

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Sermon Schedule: Foundations

Foundations header latest

From June 12 till August 15, our sermon series will focus on Genesis 1-12, entitled Foundations. ...

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The King and His People: Psalms 42-48


For the next three weekends starting 22/23 May, we will be looking at Psalms 42-45, the first of a two-part sermon series on Psalms....

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