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PFOA:John 17:20-26

The foundation of spiritual unity or "oneness" of the Church is in the relationship between God, the Father, and God, the Son....

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PFOA : John 17:6-24

Jesus loves the world and His desire is that all may come to faith in Him, but in John 17:6-24, He is praying just for his disciples that through them “the world may believe” and “the world may know” that He was sent by God. ...

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PFOA : John 17:6-12

We usually think of Jesus as God’s gift to us but in John 17, we see that we ourselves are God’s gift to His Son. But there is a difference – God’s gift of Jesus to us is for the good of the recipient (us) and the glory of the giver (the Father); but God giving us to Jesus is for the good of the gift (us again), and the glory of the recipient (Jesus)....

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PFOA : John 17:1-5

John 17 is usually known as Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer. Indeed in this prayer Jesus prayed, as a high priest, for His disciples. But the first five verses are introductory and represent an interesting conversation between Christ and God the Father....

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PFOA : Psalm 146

Remember our “Lord God Reigns”, our Almighty and Sovereign God who loves us sits on the throne and is in complete control. Read Psalm 146 and Praise the Lord!...

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O Come, O Come, Immanuel

"O Come, O Come, Immanuel", a hymn we usually sing during Advent as we remember the coming of Jesus in human flesh. It is a hymn where we sing about the different names of Jesus found in the messianic passages of the prophet Isaiah....

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PFOA : John 16:16-33

The Bible is simple enough that anyone can read it and find and understand the gospel of salvation in it. Yet it is so profound that one can spend a whole life studying it and still find new truth and understanding each time he reads it....

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PFOA : John 16:4-15

This week's PFOA post is based on John 16 about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the guarantor of our salvation and redemption....

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PFOA : John 15 : 12-17

"Love One Another" -- Where do we start? Start by praying for one another....

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PFOA : John 15:9-16

"God is love" -- what do we understand about this love? Let's pause and reflect on what kind of love this is in this post....

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