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Wednesday Evening Men's Bible Study

In this interview with Eric Lui about the new Men's Bible Study, we learn about what to expect and why God gave him a passion for men's ministry, Bible study and 1 Thessalonians.

How to Listen to a Sermon by George Whitefield

How do you listen to a sermon? Some of us keep our Bibles open, and listen attentively. Others take copious notes. But beyond the habits and form of listening, what is our attitude and heart posture? Let us consider what the great English preacher and evangelist George Whitefield has to say about this.

"Four Prayers for Bible Reading"

This artice by David Mathis gives us 4 prayers that we can use when we're reading our Bibles.

"Why Should We Come to Church?"

We chanced upon this helpful post by Rick Phillips on the reasons we should go to church. Drawing from the account and examples of the believers in Acts, he provides a couple of reasons for us.

Who Allowed You to Teach? (Part 3)

In this series, we've spoken with various ones who are teaching God's Word faithfully wherever He has placed them. In this third post, we speak to Nehemiah Chong, who has been actively involved in reading the Bible in small group settings, and also teaching in the Young Adults Ministry.

Who Allowed You To Teach? (Part 2)

In the second part of our series, we spoke with Wen Pin. Wen Pin is no stranger to us, as he is regularly involved in the Discipleship Seminars. We've asked him to share about his experience in teaching in the church, and how we can all equip ourselves to play our own part in the church.

Who Allowed You To Teach? Part 1

In this new series, we interview various ones in GBC that have had experience teaching at various platforms. This first interview is with Bryan Tan, one of our university students that is studying overseas, but has plenty of service opportunities there!

Encouragement and Thanksgiving

At the recent Young Adults' Retreat, our YAs set aside time to express their gratitude to various ones in their lives in order to encourage them. May such a culture of building one another up thrive in GBC!

"Nine Ways to Avoid Having a Shriveled Soul"

This article by the Navigators provides some helpful insights on patterns and disciplines of life that can keep our faith growing.

"How to Stop Praying the Same Old Things about the Same Old Things"

This article by Donald Whitney teaches us to use Scripture in our prayers, and in doing so, changes and transforms us.

Upcoming Conference: OoO MAD

Navigators Singapore will be holding a conference at the end of this month, titled 'One-on-One Makes A Difference', 'OoO MAD' for short. We've asked for more information about this conference, as well as why GBC members will find this a useful conference.

"Why We're Failing At Community"

Is the biblical picture of community only a wistful dream that cannot be attained in busy Singapore? We chanced upon this article, which helpfully reminds us that what community looks like practically could change with our life stages and responsibilities.

Interview with Joyce Erdmann

We speak regularly of discipleship, but is there anything different about discipleship for women? In this post, we Joyce Erdmann shares with us how women in all stags of life can be involved in discipling other women, and in doing so, help build up the church, for the glory of God!

GBC Vision Statement Explained

This is to explain the vision statement of GBC in order to provide a clear understanding for all to work towards.

Interview with Doug Erdmann

Doug is a GBC member and the National Director of The Navigators Singapore. We asked him to share with us why discipling is so important in God's kingdom and simple steps that everyone can take everyday, either to be a discple of Christ, or to disciple someone to follow Christ.

7 Reasons to Keep a Journal

In this post, we share an article detailing 7 reasons to keep up the practice of journaling.

How to Disciple With a Book

We share an article which helpfully describes a simple discipleship tool -- discipling with a book.

Wanted: A Teaching Church

This helpful piece by Daniel Hyde of the Ligonier Ministries helps us understand what it means to be a church that is centred around the Bible, and committed to teaching the Bible.

How to read the Bible for yourself

How can growing disciples read the Bible personally, or with others? In this post, we learn 3 simple steps from Bible teacher John Piper that can help us in our Bible reading.

For Disciples: Introducing The Navigators' Wheel

This blogpost describes the Navigators' illustration of the Wheel - which gives us a picture of what Christian discipleship looks like

For Disciples: Do you know what you believe?

In this blogpost, we explore the fundamental question raised by J I Packer for Christian discipleship: do you know what you believe?

Interview with Ian Buntain: On Discipleship

Ian Buntain, a longtime friend of GBC recently preached on discipleship. It was an insightful and thought-provoking sermon, and we asked him to share more about the focus and work of a disciple who makes disciples.