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God Became Flesh - a Devotional Guide for Advent 2018

This Sunday marks the start of Advent in the traditional liturgical calendar. Below is a devotional guide written by Dr Poulson and Dr Koh Siang Kiang for Advent as we set apart this season to remember and celebrate the coming of Christ....

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He would be born in Bethlehem

We extract the devotional for this Sunday from 'They Looked For Redemption' to encourage you to continue to use this devotional for our daily time with God. ...

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Faith Journal (November 2016)

This journal recounts the simplicity of the gospel seen through the simple faith of a mother. ...

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Day 31 - The End of the Story

We come to the end of the prayer devotional, and in this last entry, we'll take a look at the conclusion of the story of the Bible. This end of the story marks the beginning of an eternity of a new story, where all things have been made new. In this new kingdom, King Jesus reigns and God Himself dwells with His people....

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Day 30 - War of Two Kingdoms

The passage is clear on two things ...

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Day 29 - Singing Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

The focus of worship is not on melody, orchestration or even lyrics. The focus of worship is instead on the One who receives our praise. Worship should be centred not on the act itself, but on the One to whom the worship is directed. Today, as we worship God in song, may our hearts overflow with gratefulness to the God who saves. ...

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Day 28 - The Family of God

Today's Reformation concert brings a diverse group of people from our church together to hold a fundraising concert for the new church building. It is a great testimony that in unity, such a diverse group of people would work together for something such as this. Ephesians 4 gives us an idea why people who are so different live, serve, and worship together. This is because ...

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Day 27 - Every Good and Perfect Gift

Thanksgiving and gratefulness are traits that mark the Christian life. But Christian thanksgiving is not about politeness or practicing good manners. Instead it comes from understanding who God is....

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Day 26 - The New Testament Life

The New Testament life is about holy living, since we have been joined to a holy Saviour. Paul stresses that our motivation for holy living is not fear of punishment but heavenly-minded hope for those who have been united with Christ. ...

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Day 25 - Union with Christ Jesus

To be united to Jesus Christ means now, the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me, lives in me and by faith, I trust in Him....

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