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Life of Henry Martyn


Inspired and encouraged by the life of Henry Martyn, Eric Lui shares excerpts from Sarah J Rhea's book, "Life of Henry Martyn, Missionary to India and Persia, 1781 to 1812", highlighting the thoughts and struggles the missionary had with his antagonists in India and Persia, and how he persevered despite ill-health....

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The Sin of Hypocrisy


Eric Lui reflects on one of the sermons by Andrew Gray presented in "Be Reconciled with God", a collection of twelve sermons preached by the Scottish preacher. ...

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A Heavenly Conference


Eric Lui reflects on Richard Sibbes' book on the encounter between Jesus and Mary Magadalene at the empty tomb on the first Easter Sunday....

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Books on Parenting

equip parenting header

Were you at the "Art of Parenting" EQUIP sessions? Over two Saturday mornings, some of our parents gathered to learn about God's design for parents and families. Books were also given away at the sessions for parents who were keen to find out more....

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Book Review: On the Soul and Its Origin by Augustine of Hippo


Eric Lui shares with us a review of "On the Soul and Its Origin" by Augustine of Hippo. His true name is Aurelius Augustinus and he lived from 354 to 430 AD in a little town in Algeria. ...

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Charity and Its Fruits


Eric Lui introduces us to "Charity and Its Fruits", a collection of Jonathan Edwards' sermons on 1 Corinthians 13 while he was pastor of the Church of Northhampton. ...

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Book Review: "Side by Side"


"Side by Side" is a book by Edward Welch that a group of GBC members have been reading together for the past few months. Koon Han, who has been involved in this reading group, shares some key points from the book. ...

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Book Review: "The Trellis and the Vine"


Our pastoral intern, Rolland reviews the book "The Trellis and the Vine", which is helpful for us to think about discipleship as a church. ...

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Spiritual Marriage


Eric Lui read Patrick J O’Banion's translation of Girolamo Zanchi's book, "The Spiritual Marriage Between Christ And His Church and Every One Of The Faithful", and summarises for us Zanchi's treatise....

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Book Review: True Community - The Biblical Practice of Koinonia, by Jerry Bridges

Pastor Oliver’s review of a book for those in the church who want to grow in the understanding of what biblical fellowship looks like in practice....

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