COVID-19 Updates | Service Livestream (25 Sep)

From 2 October, we will be merging our worship services and gathering as one assembly on Sundays at 9am. Read more here.

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How Do I Live Out the Gospel?


Pastor Thian Chye shares a practical example of how we can live out the gospel in this local body of Christ....

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The Pursuit of Significance


Samuel Ho looks back at the time he spent at architecture school pursuing significance and reminds us that we are justified in Christ alone....

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Works-Producing Faith


Yanadi reminds us that though we are saved by faith alone, this is a faith that produces good works....

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Gospel Reminders


We have a tendency to forget the gospel that salvation is through faith in Christ alone—nothing more, nothing less. Here, Bibianna shares her struggles with this and how we can remind one another of this gospel truth....

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Pray, Proclaim, and Press On: A pastoral response to the repeal of Section 377A


This past Sunday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the Government’s plans to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code. It is crucial that we continue prayerfully to trust in our good God, who is Ruler over all. He remains in control and His kingdom is not of this world....

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Faith Alone


Introducing our new sermon series on Galatians, Pastor Eugene hopes we will be encouraged to know, guard, and treasure the gospel....

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Food, Rain, and the Lord Jesus


Samuel encourages us to see God's goodness and grace in the common every day things—good food and rain. ...

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A Picture is Worth…


Pastor Mark turns our attention to the picture of the church that God has given us in the epistle to the Philippians. He reflects on the beauty of the church as God has revealed to us in His word, and encourages us to consider how we too, can bring God glory through His body, the church. ...

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Family of Grace


Carrie reflects on how God has showed His grace to her and her family. She helpfully reminds us that each conversion is a miracle and act of grace, and encourages us to persevere in sharing the gospel. ...

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Tough Grace in Tough Times


Do you walk away from God or do you draw closer to the Lord during tough times? Pastor Thian Chye looked back at how God's tough grace during a difficult time in his life has humbled him and enabled him to trust and submit to God....

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