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Hebrews 12 and Discipline


Last Sunday, Elder Caleb exhorts us to consider the call from Hebrews to regard suffering and pain as part of God’s purposeful discipline in our lives. Here, Joshua Lowe draws on his recent discipline of his child to encourage us to be open and willing to receive discipline from God and our church community....

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Does Science Disprove Christianity?

Youth Science and Christianity header

At their 16 September 2023 youth session, Joshua led the youths to think about this topic that's quite relevant to our youths....

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Is It Okay If I Watch This?

Is it okay if I watch this? header

This was explored and taught by Joshua Lowe at a youth session on 19 August 2023. Though targeted at youths, some of the principles and considerations are also relevant to all of us. ...

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Knowing God Together


Joshua shares with us his experience of reading a good Christian book with the youth, and how it is a way we can do spiritual good to one another. ...

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Is God a Killjoy?

is-god-a-killjoy header

Joshua reflects on the ways we are all tempted to pursue joy apart from God, why that is futile, and how true joy is only found in Christ alone. ...

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Who Am I?


Joshua shares what the youth leaders have been learning about how the world thinks of identity, and how it contrasts with what we have been reading in Galatians. This important topic is also the theme for the youth camp this year. ...

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How Are You Really Doing Spiritually?


Joshua reflects on a recent sermon in Galatians, that reminded us that our salvation and standing before God is not based on our actions, but on Christ's alone. ...

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God's Chosen People


Joshua reflects on the lives of Judah and Joseph, and encourages us to look to Christ, the perfecter of our faith....

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The God Who is Sovereign


How does God's sovereignty and free will coexist? Joshua reminds us of God's sovereignty in Genesis and the cross, and encourages us to trust in this good and loving God who is in control. ...

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Lent and Fasting


We begin this series on the cross and resurrection, as we prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter. Joshua shares about Lent and the practice of fasting during this period. ...

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We Aspire to Deepen our Unity in Christ


Joshua reminds us that Christ died and rose so that we could be united to both God and others in the Church, and exhorts us to deepen our unity in Christ....

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Reflections from Youth Camp 2021


Our youths had their camp from 17 to 19 Dec 2021, and Joshua shares with us how they learnt about and experienced God's lovingkindness during the camp. ...

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Youth Camp 2021


Youth Camp will be held from 17 to 19 Dec 2021. Even during this COVID season, our youths will still be having our youth camp in person. Praise the Lord!...

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Engaging with Pop Culture


Pop culture presents in many shapes and forms. It includes recently released movies or shows, pop songs, up and coming actors, actresses or artistes, memes found on the various social media platforms and even choice of social media itself etc. Try as we might to avoid engaging in pop culture, it is inevitable that we come across or have to interact with it, in one form or ...

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