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We Are Gospel People

we are gospel people header

Pastor Eugene shared this exhortation from Isaiah 40:1-11 at the Combined Thanksgiving Service on 12 August 2023. ...

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Mental Health and the Church

14july-enews-mental health header

Pastor Eugene encourages us to intentionally care for those among us who face mental health struggles....

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Together in the Truth (Part 2)

together-in-the-truth-2 header

Pastor Eugene shares reasons why we corporately recite creeds and confessions, and offers examples of how we use our statement of faith as a church....

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Together in the Truth (Part 1)

Together in the Truth-part 1 header

Pastor Eugene explains what is a statement of faith and its place in our life together as a church. ...

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God’s Plan, God’s Way

God's Plan, God's Way header

Pastor Eugene preached this sermon on Exodus 2:11-25 on 29 January 2023, where we were reminded that God is never late. He works in his time, not ours. The faithful God will keep his promise to redeem His people in His time. ...

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Meaningful Membership


Pastor Eugene reflects on how the “let us” commands in Hebrews 10 shape our life together as fellow church members. ...

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For Our Joy


Pastor Eugene encourages us to rejoice in the Lord, whose gospel is for our joy....

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Faith Alone


Introducing our new sermon series on Galatians, Pastor Eugene hopes we will be encouraged to know, guard, and treasure the gospel....

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Women's Ministry in the Church


Pastor Eugene explains why we have a women's ministry in the church and how it is to be carried out. A version of this was shared at our recent Women of Grace event, where the women of the church came to spend a morning together. ...

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Lent: Looking to Jesus


This Lenten season, Pastor Eugene encourages us to look to Jesus, our trailblazer who has paved the way for our future joy and glory. ...

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We Aspire to Every-Member Ministry

18feb-enews-header (congregation and AV)

Pastor Eugene continues our series in the eight aspirations of the church, by encouraging us to love and serve one another for the growth of the whole body of Christ. ...

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Speak the Truth to One Another


Pastor Eugene explains how we will be using the New City Catechism to affirm the faith together at our worship services....

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Investing in People


Pastor Eugene exhorts us to encourage and develop the staff whom God has entrusted to our stewardship....

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