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EQUIPping One Another

19-jan-enews- EQUIP Eph 4v11-12 header

Yanadi, who has been overseeing the EQUIP classes, shares with us the plans for 2024 and how the classes have been designed to build up the church and equip us for ministry to one another....

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Jesus the Priest, Better Than Whom?


Yanadi attests to Jesus' superior priesthood as he looks back at the former priests whom Israel had; and exhorts us to draw near to this great high priest who always lives to intercede for us....

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Gospel Opportunities


Yanadi prays that we will start seeing sharing of lives as gospel opportunities and actively pursue them....

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Our Church Library Has Reopened!

books 2023 header

Yanadi shares about the library ministry that has resumed after three years! He shares about the goals of this ministry, the books available and also how the church can participate and help. ...

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Body Building Through Education


We've just completed a short series in 1 Corinthians 12 to 14 on how we can build one another up in the body. Yanadi shares the role that Christian Education plays to build the church up, and how we can all participate in it. ...

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Speaking of Our Faith


Yanadi shares how reading Galatians has prompted him to reflect on and share his faith struggles with fellow Christians. Learning about the centrality of the gospel in Galatians also encourages us to speak to those beyond the church....

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Works-Producing Faith


Yanadi reminds us that though we are saved by faith alone, this is a faith that produces good works....

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Discipleship in Generations of Grace


How do we disciple one another? Yanadi shares a few tools that we can use for discipleship and emphasises the importance of praying for one another....

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Resurrection Hope: Not just the idea, but the reality


Yanadi shares with us on how the resurrection has present implications for us, especially as we struggle and face sufferings in life....

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We Aspire to Cultivate Gospel Partnerships


Yanadi reflects on the last of eight aspirations for GBC that the elders have shared, and how it is lived out together as a church....

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EQUIP in 2022

equip header

Yanadi shares with us about the plans for EQUIP this year and how we can participate in the various classes to grow, and to help others do so too. ...

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We Aspire to be Shaped by the Gospel


At the end of last year and the start of this new year, the elders shared some aspirations for the church at our Watchnight service and QCM. Yanadi reflects on the second aspiration on Gospel-shaped and how it is lived out together as a church....

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Thanksgiving for Preaching Lab


From February to November 2021, we had a class—Preaching Lab—where a group of ~20 brothers came together to be equipped for the ministry of the Word. We hear from them what they have learnt, how they have benefited and what they were thankful for....

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