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YA Retreat 2018: Homeward Bound

What is heaven and why is it so good? At this year's YA retreat, our YAs will be working their way through the Bible to understand what God has promised in heaven, and why this is something to look forward to!

Announcements for 29 April 2018


Discipling the Hearts of the Next Generation

God wants our hearts. Pastor Eugene recapitulates last Sunday's message and explains the importance of shepherding the hearts of our children.

Prepare for Worship (29 Apr 2018)

As you prepare to hear from God this Sunday, would you allow Him to expose areas of compromise in your life?

Prayer Meeting on 27 April 2018

Prayer Meeting (27 April 2018) Prayer Points I. Grace News - Grateful for the time, gifts and lo...

Know Your Leaders - Elder Associate Samuel Beh

Elder Associate Samuel Beh gives us a peek into his personal and ministry life while sharing the challenges that he faces.

Announcements for 22 April 2018

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   EQUIP IN APRIL We have two classes in April to equip us to be disciple...

Prepare for Worship (22 Apr 2018)

How does Christ’s love for us move us to love Him and others?

Know Your Leaders - Elder Associate Tan Yee Kiat

Elder associate Tan Yee Kiat shares with us how God sovereignly brought various people into his life to help him know God and Christ; and divulges his heartfelt prayer for unity in GBC.

Announcement for 15 April 2018

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   EQUIP IN APRIL We have two classes in April to equip us to be disciple...

So That It Might Go Well With Us

How are we distinct as God's children from the people living around us? Pastor Ian exhorts us to be constrained by God's love and live in ways that it might go well with our children and our children's children.

Quarterly Congregational Meeting 8 Apr 2018

Missed the Quarterly Congregational Meeting last Sunday? Rachel Wong recapitulates the salient points of the meeting in this post.

Prepare for Worship (15 Apr 18)

In what areas of your life have you not been obeying God? Take time to confess these areas to God, and to ask for His power to love and obey Him.

Family Dedication 8 Apr 2018

On 8 Apr, GBC celebrated with four young families as they dedicated themselves and their children to God.

Why I Belong

In the sermon on Eph 2:11-22, we were exhorted to belong to a community so as to illuminate the glory of God. In this article, GBC members Jonathan Yao, Paul Wu, Poh Gee and Patti Koh penned their thoughts on why they chose to sink roots in GBC, and call GBC their family in this season of their lives.

Announcements for 8 April 2018

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   EQUIP IN APRIL We have two classes in April to equip us to be disciple...

Living as God's People on Mission

What is the Book of Deuteronomy teaching us about how to live as God's people? Pastor Eugene reminds us that we are called to be faithful to God's mission as salt and light in the world, as a people redeemed through Jesus Christ.

Prepare for Worship (8 April 18)

As you prepare for worship this Sunday, let's thank God for His faithfulness to you this past week.

Till all the ransomed church of God be saved to sin no more

GBC celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ last weekend with Good Friday and Easter services. We also welcomed 3 new members through baptisms and transfers.

Church - God's Wonderful Idea

Tan Yee Kiat provides a biblical perspective of what it means to be a member of a local church, and the significance of this in building up the body of Christ.

Vacation Bible School at Pua, Mar 2018

In March, a team of nine GBC members headed to Pua to conduct Vacation Bible School for the children at Kathy's Home. It was an experience that left the team feeling encouraged and blessed. We hope the team's reflection of the trip will encourage you to also take part in GBC's very own Vacation Bible School taking place over 31 May to 2 June 2018.

Quarterly Congregational Meeting 8 Apr 2018

We will be having our 2nd QCM for 2018 on 8 April and we strongly encourage members to attend this meeting.