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Announcements for 1 October 2017


Prepare for Sunday Worship (1 Oct 2017)

As we prepare to worship God with His people on Sunday, let's come with clean hands and pure hearts to worship our God who is Truth and whose steadfast love never ceases.

Prayer Meeting (29 September 2017)

Prayer Meeting (29 September 2017) Prayer Points  I. GRACE NEWS Prayer & Praise: ...

Discipling in our Weakness

A common reason people cite for not discipling others is that they feel inadequate - not just ill-equipped, but actually disqualified, due to sin and personal weakness. Read Pastor Eugene's article to discover that in God's hands this very insufficiency can be a powerful part of our discipling, as we acknowledge our need of God and depend on Him to bring conviction and understanding to those around us.

Women, Desires and God’s Word

In August, some of our ladies started a Bible study called "Teach us to Want". Claire Low shares with us why the ladies embarked on the study and how we can guard our hearts and align our desires with the Lord’s.

Sermon Schedule for October 2017

You will find here the sermon schedule for October, let's pray for our pastors and speakers as they prepare to bring God's word to us.

Announcements for 24 September 2017

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION    DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) There is no DS today. We will resume...

GBC Thanksgiving & Dedication Service 2017

On 17 Sept 2017, both the English and Chinese congregation gathered together to worship God in the newly constructed sanctuary. Neo Yi Ling recounts for us the sweet time of worship and fellowship that we enjoyed on this special day of thanksgiving.

Prepare for Sunday Worship (24 Sep 17)

Has it been a tough week for you? If it has, let's take comfort that we can find refuge in God, our liberator, whose priceless blood has ransomed us and for that, rejoice and glory in his plentiful redemption and mercy.

Everybody's Talking

Pastor Ian encourages us not to be taken in by the doomsday predictions that are so prevalent in our day. Instead of focusing on what we don’t know, we should obey what has already been revealed to us, carry on doing our God-given work, and point those around us to the truth.

5 Makan Joints Near Church

In this post, we recommend 5 places nearby church for food and fellowship. May we eat and drink to the glory of God.

Not Ashamed -- Helen Chee -- Labourers by Faith

Wrapping up our series of “Not Ashamed of the Gospel” interviews, Chan Kim Hoong speaks to Helen Chee, secretary to GBC's Rebuilding Steering Committee and Building Sub-Committee. In the interview, Helen shares with us how she came to GBC, her fond memories of the old church building and her prayers for GBC as we settle into our new building.

GBC's Website: Connecting with our community and beyond

In Acts, we’ve been studying about how the gospel went out to all the world. Today, we’re called to bring this same gospel to the nations today. GBC also hopes to use technology and social media to communicate and connect with those inside and outside the church.

Announcements for 17 September 2017

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY There will be no children's programme today . Children will stay wi...

Prepare for Sunday Worship (17 Sep 17)

As we gather this Sunday together with our Chinese congregation, let's prepare our hearts to praise God for his mighty deeds among us.

Building God’s House

As we prepare to celebrate the dedication of our new building, Pastor Eugene reminds us that the church is people, not place. As members of the church we are stewards of one another, having been brought together in Christ, and as such should have a deep concern for each other's spiritual growth. Keep reading to discover six practical ways we can deliberately help a fellow brother or sister know Christ and grow in Him.

Missionary Apprentice -- Fedora Teong

Now in her final semester at the Singapore Bible College, Fedora Teong updates us on her potential overseas mission plans in Thailand with OMF after graduation. We pray for her as she prepares to move out of her comfort zone, to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Great is Thy Faithfulness -- A Special Publication of GBC's Rebuilding

A special publication tracing the rebuilding journey that God has led us through as well as the prayers and hopes that our members have for His church.

Announcements for 10 September 2017

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION   DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) In today's DS we will cover: "Exhortations...

Prepare for Sunday Worship (10 Sep 17)

Have you been rejoicing in your salvation? If not, let's spend some time just thanking and praising God that he alone has saved us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Pua Mission Trip -- Sept 2017

A team of nine headed to Kathy's Home in Pua, Thailand to conduct the quarterly English camp from 1-4 Sept 2017. For this camp, they also taught the children English memory verse songs from the Children Ministry's Singing God's Love in God's Word music album. The children (and teachers) had a great time learning the songs. Read the trip report to find out more.

Not Ashamed -- Melissa Fam

Melissa Fam, one of our many unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the church rebuilding project, shares with Neo Yi Ling on the encouragement she has received from her involvement in the rebuilding project and how it has challenged her to be not ashamed of the gospel.

Let's Prepare for Worship this Sunday (3 Sep 17)

As you prepare your heart for worship this Sunday, let's take a few moments and invite God to open your heart to hear from him, a God who makes himself known to us.