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Let's Prepare for Worship this Sunday (1 Jan 2017)

WORSHIP PREPARATION Blessed New Year! As we usher in the new year, let's examine our hearts in lig...

A Fruity Kind of Faith

In our Children's Corner for Grace News, Rachel Wong encourages our children to trust in our Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to work in them to produce good fruit.

Announcements for 1 January 2017


Decentralised Evangelistic Christmas

Care groups invite church members and pre-believers into their homes to learn what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Greetings from Ping and Heidi

Ping and Heidi, together with their boys, give thanks for the Holy Spirit that expresses His life and power through their daily lives.

Announcements for 25 December 2016

Blessed Christmas to you! As we remember God's gift of hope and salvation to mankind more than 2000 years ago in the birth of baby Jesus. What gifts are we bringing to the table to serve Him and His people? The weekly Sunday announcements present ministry opportunities for you to not only pray and participate but also, exercise your gifts for His glory.

Let's Prepare for Worship This Sunday (25 Dec)

Mic 5:2-4 tells us of the “greater David” who will be born in Bethlehem. He would be of Divine lineage and from the line of David, and will rule over God’s people. This Messiah King will rule and shepherd God’s flock and they shall dwell securely without fear, experiencing peace.

Join us for Watchnight Service!

On every New Year's Eve, the GBC family will come together for the Watchnight Servce. Pastor Arnold shares with us why we uphold this tradition and encourages us to take advantage of this great opportunity to attest to the awesomeness and goodness of God. We also spoke with two members who have been regularly attending the service on why they make the special effort to attend every year.

O Come, O Come, Immanuel

"O Come, O Come, Immanuel", a hymn we usually sing during Advent as we remember the coming of Jesus in human flesh. It is a hymn where we sing about the different names of Jesus found in the messianic passages of the prophet Isaiah.

Reformation Concert 2016 Song Videos

All the videos from the GBC Reformation Concert 2016 held on the 28 and 29 Oct, are here for your viewing. A short write up of each of the songs has also been prepared to explain how it fits in the story of Jesus.

GBC Reformation Concert 2016: Testimonies Booklet

On 20 Nov 2016, more than a hundred GBC members gathered to watch a screening of the recent Reformation Concert and share what God had been doing in their lives through the entire preparation process. It was an encouraging time as different ones testified to God’s faithfulness as they stepped forward to participate in faith.

What does Christmas mean to our children?

What does Christmas mean to you? We ask some of our children what Christmas means to them and here's what they say.

The Tuition Ministry - An Open Door

Low Lai Sai has been serving in the Tuition Ministry since the late 1980s, with some short breaks in between. In Lim Rui Wen’s interview with this quiet man, we get a glimpse of his service and commitment through the years.

Let's Prepare for Worship This Sunday (18 Dec)

Our God is a God of love. He loves us and gives us his only son so that we will not perish or be condemned.

Announcements for 18 December 2016


Baptisms and Transfer - 11 Dec 2016

We warmly welcome six new members to GBC via baptism and transfer.

PFOA : John 16:16-33

The Bible is simple enough that anyone can read it and find and understand the gospel of salvation in it. Yet it is so profound that one can spend a whole life studying it and still find new truth and understanding each time he reads it.

Let's Prepare for Worship This Sunday (11 Dec)

Let us take time to prepare our hearts for this Sunday's worship by meditating on Isaiah 9:2-7, rejoicing that the light of the Messiah has not only dispelled darkness but also brought a rule of peace, goodness, justice and righteousness in Christ Jesus.

Announcements for 11 December 2016


Decentralized Evangelistic Christmas (DEC) Celebration

Are you making disciples? Are you spreading the Good News? How about turning this Christmas season into a special outreach to families and friends who have yet to know Christ?

The Ministries of GBC - Where Should I Serve?

Heng Wen Xiu has put together a simple quiz to help us explore our potential spiritual gifts from God’s varied grace, so that we may use your gifts well to serve one another. May you soak your decision to serve in prayer.

Let's Prepare For Worship This Sunday (4 Dec)

Our God is a God who brings comfort and peace to his people. Warfare will cease and sins pardoned. Jesus Christ, the glory of God become flesh, has come. Jesus brings peace with God and forgiveness of our sins. We will know comfort and peace.

Announcements for 4 December 2016

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) ▪ DS is in recess today and will resume in Jan 20...

A Word from Pastor Arnold's Heart for 2016

In this post, Pastor Arnold exhorts us to consider and embrace some practices to stay close and grow closer to God in 2016.