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GBC Reformation 2016: A final update

On the 28 and 29 Oct, 900 people attended our Reformation Concert and heard the story of Jesus in Scripture. We are humbled and grateful to God for His amazing provision, kindness and grace to us.

Day 31 - The End of the Story

We come to the end of the prayer devotional, and in this last entry, we'll take a look at the conclusion of the story of the Bible. This end of the story marks the beginning of an eternity of a new story, where all things have been made new. In this new kingdom, King Jesus reigns and God Himself dwells with His people.

Day 30 - War of Two Kingdoms

The passage is clear on two things

Day 29 - Singing Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

The focus of worship is not on melody, orchestration or even lyrics. The focus of worship is instead on the One who receives our praise. Worship should be centred not on the act itself, but on the One to whom the worship is directed. Today, as we worship God in song, may our hearts overflow with gratefulness to the God who saves.

Rebuilding: Schedule of Works & Financials - October 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of October 2016

Rebuilding: Prayer & Praise - October 2016

Prayer and Praise Items for October 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - October 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at October 2016

Announcements for 30 October 2016


Day 28 - The Family of God

Today's Reformation concert brings a diverse group of people from our church together to hold a fundraising concert for the new church building. It is a great testimony that in unity, such a diverse group of people would work together for something such as this. Ephesians 4 gives us an idea why people who are so different live, serve, and worship together. This is because of the one God we all share.

Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meeting (26 October 2016) Prayer Points   I. Youth Ministry Prayer & Praise: -...

Day 27 - Every Good and Perfect Gift

Thanksgiving and gratefulness are traits that mark the Christian life. But Christian thanksgiving is not about politeness or practicing good manners. Instead it comes from understanding who God is.

Day 26 - The New Testament Life

The New Testament life is about holy living, since we have been joined to a holy Saviour. Paul stresses that our motivation for holy living is not fear of punishment but heavenly-minded hope for those who have been united with Christ.

Day 25 - Union with Christ Jesus

To be united to Jesus Christ means now, the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me, lives in me and by faith, I trust in Him.

Day 24 - Remember Your Identity: Who am I in Christ?

Who are you? The Bible tells us that for Christians, your old self has gone, and your new identity is Christ is here. But this applies not just to the individual. We ought not to consider each other in the old way either!

Day 23 - The Gospel Explained: What Did Jesus Accomplish?

Because of Jesus, being blameless means we’re no longer guilty because we have been justified. In this new identity, we live for the praise of God’s glorious grace. Not only have we been made holy and blameless, Ephesians tells us that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places!

Day 22 - Resurrection Hope: Making All Things New

Christ didn’t just die

Announcements for 23 October 2016


Day 21 - Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and raised to life on the third day. God is so gracious to give us this wonderful hope. This is good news, not because we work to achieve it, but because it has been done for us and we receive it by faith.

Day 20 - In My Place Condemned He Stood

Redemption is all of God’s doing and none of ours. Let us give thanks for our Saviour!

Day 19 - He Did It For Us

Jesus’ complete obedience to the Father and perfect fulfilment of the Old Testament law should give us great confidence because we have received Christ’s status in full. He did it all for us! Are you still trying to please God on your own? How does Jesus’ obedience set us free from that heavy burden?

Day 18 - Knowing God

What is the greatest thing we should strive for in life? It is to know God. Jesus made it possible for us to know God personally, not just in abstract attributes.

Interview with Reformation Concert choir members

Rehearsals and practices are getting more intense as we are nearing the actual concert. We managed to find some time to chat with some of the choir members and had them share their thoughts and experiences thus far

Grace News Issue #4 2016 - Finishing Works

In tandem with the actual rebuilding of GBC, Grace News’ metaphorical church now has the foundation, the structure and the internal connections. What is still lacking are the finishing works.

Day 17 - The Promised Saviour Appears: Jesus Christ

Our great and gracious God, we thank You for Your plan of salvation and for the appearing of our Saviour. Help us meditate on His coming as a babe in Bethlehem, and Your plan and purpose behind it all.

Faith Journal (October 2016)

Here is a sharing from a parent on how they walk alongside their children in their educational journey with God’s perspective so that they experience His faithfulness in their lives.

Day 16 - The New Covenant Promise

God promised to give them new spiritual life through new birth. Their new hearts would have God’s law written on them and they would have a new Spirit which would cause them to obey Him.

Day 15 - Are We Better Than They?

We often marvel at the mistakes of Israel in the Old Testament accounts but man’s root problem of a sinful, idolatrous heart has not changed since our first parents disobeyed God

Announcements for 16 October 2016


Day 14 - Surely Goodness and Mercy Follow Me

As His sheep, we can be assured that He will lead, protect and provide for us, and rest is available for us regardless of what we are facing. In Him, our deepest hunger and thirst are met. We are renewed and revived by the living waters He provides.

Day 13 - Judges, Kings and Israel’s Unfaithfulness

God never left His people leaderless, and in spite of their disobedience, He was faithful to provide. Our God is ever faithful, even when we are faithless.

Day 12 - Counterfeit Gods

God contrasts Himself against the false gods and idols of the world. He condemns the counterfeit gods who are empty and powerless.

Day 11 - Hearts of Repentance

God is merciful to sinners, and forgives sin when we repent. Worship the God who forgives our sin, and does not hold it against us.

Another Reformation Concert 2016 Update

Caleb Yap, who has been working on the music and coordination of the concert shares with us some of the exciting things that have been going on behind the scenes.

Day 10 - God’s Never Giving-Up Love

God’s love is everlasting, no matter how many times the Israelites turned against Him and forgot how He provided for them. His love never gave up. God’s love is the same for us today. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:39).

Day 9 - Love the LORD Your God: Keep His Word

God is the fountain of all our blessings. Our motivation for keeping God’s Word is not from a posture of pride and self-interest, but we keep His Word out of humility, gratitude and love.

Spaghetti Church

Do you like eating raw spaghetti? No? How about cooked? Cooked spaghetti tastes much nicer, don’t you think? But - at least raw spaghetti is neat and tidy, all lined up nicely and easily separated. Cooked spaghetti is a different story. A plate of cooked spaghetti is all mixed up and you can't see where each strand starts and finishes.

Day 8 - God Our Saviour: The Exodus

The Old Testament Exodus account parallels the New Testament teaching of our salvation through Jesus. We too, lived as slaves bound to sin until God brought us out through Christ. Like the Israelites, we are sojourners in this world which is not our home and we’re only passing through.

Announcements for 9 October 2016


Day 7 - Stars in the Heavens

God is always faithful to His promise. His promises are trustworthy and reliable and God has the power to keep them.

Day 6 - God’s Plan to Save the Broken World

God put in place a plan for redemption long ago. In His faithfulness, God’s beautiful plan will redeem everything in His time.

Day 5 - People Need the Lord

The Bible says that in our fallen nature, we are sinful all the time. The experiences of cosmic disorder remind us of our deep brokenness and need for a Saviour. People really do need the Lord.

Day 4 - The Fall of Adam and Eve

The Bible gives us humbling insight into our own souls, that sinners have exchanged His glory for lesser images and idols. We often fail to recognise the gravity of our own sin.

Day 3 - My Father's Wonderful World

God made the amazing world we live in! He created the earth and filled it with a rich variety of plants and animals for us to enjoy. Let us join with all creation in beholding the greatness of our Creator!

Day 2 -- The Creator and Creation

The Bible records that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. On this Sunday, we pause to consider and worship our Creator God not only individually, but also together as families, and as a congregation.

Announcements for 2 October 2016


Day 1-- Holy Spirit: Our Guide in the Word

On the first day of this month-long church-wide devotional, we learn of how Jesus Christ, the Faithful One, never abandons His disciples. Instead, He promises them a Helper.

Rebuilding: Schedule of Works & Financials - September 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of September 2016

Rebuilding: Prayer & Praise - September 2016

Prayer and Praise Items for September 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - September 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at September 2016