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Fund Raising by the Children

We are deeply encouraged by the collective effort of the children, teachers and parents towards raising funds as a ministry for the rebuilding project.

The Ministries of GBC - Who's who and what do they do?

Chan Kim Hoong invites us to serve in the ministries of GBC as it opens us a whole new perspective of the multitude of needs in GBC. It is a first key step towards deepening community spirit where we can support and strengthen one another by meeting one another's needs.

Announcements for 31 July 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | TODAY | 5.15 – 6.15 PM “Good News to the Poor: Missions ...

Rebuilding: Schedule of Works & Financials - July 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of July 2016

Rebuilding: Prayer & Praise - July 2016

Prayer and Praise Items for July 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - July 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at July 2016

Prayer Meeting on 29 July 2016

Prayer Meeting (29 July 2016) Prayer Points I. Young Adult Ministry Prayer & Praise: - We g...

PFOA : John 15:9-16

"God is love" -- what do we understand about this love? Let's pause and reflect on what kind of love this is in this post.

Announcements for 24 July 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | TODAY | 5.15 – 6.15 PM ●“Good News to the Poor: Missions...

Last Week's Worship (17 July)

Call to Worship : Psalm 67:1-7. Theological Emphasis : The great God of all the earth, who is worshipped by churches and Christians all over the world, from many nations this morning.

Faith Journal (July 2016) : Living Out the Gospel in Relationships

Are you building relationships with non-Christians with the intention of sharing the gospel?

Grace News Issue #3 2016 - Relationships and Community

In Grace News’ metaphorical church, we now have a firm foundation (Issue 1) and a strong structure (Issue 2). For the third issue in our theme, we move on to consider the internal connections of the building, such as the wiring and pipes that provide electrical and plumbing services.

Announcements for 17 July 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | TODAY | 5.15 – 6.15 PM “Good News to the Poor: Missions in...

Announcements for 10 July 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | TODAY | 5.15 – 6.15 PM “Good News to the Poor: Missions ...

PFOA : John 15 :1-8

Are we bearing fruit that reflects the characteristics of Christ? In this post, we are exhorted to encourage one another to remain in Christ and live out the life of Christ that points people to Jesus and glorify God.

Baptism of Amanda Chiam - 26 June 2016

We witnessed with great joy the baptism of Amanda Chiam and warmly welcome Lim Song Huat and Jonathan Lai to the GBC family upon their transferral of membership.

Last Week's Worship (3 July 2016)

Call to worship : Ps 65:1- 8. Theological emphasis : The God of our salvation, who atones for our sins with His awesome deeds in crushing His Son in our place, and to whom all praise is due.

Adopt-a-Missionary (AM) Programme

Have your care group adopted a missionary yet? Find out more about how we can support and care for our missionaries by adopting them.

GBC Church Retreat 2016

We give thanks to God for the recent Church Retreat, whose theme was “Gospel and Community”.