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Announcements for 3 July 2016

  DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | TODAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM “Good News to the Poor...

Last Week's Worship 26 June 2016

Call To Worship: Psalm 64:1-10. The God who is our refuge. He hides us from the wicked, takes vengence for His people, and whom we exult and worship.

Stones that are Alive!

Everyone knows that stones are not alive, right? In fact, stones are just about the most unalive things I can think of. (Ok, so ‘unalive’ is not a proper word, but you know what I mean.) So why does Peter say in the verse below that we are like living stones?

Announcements for 26 June 2016

  DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM DS is in recess till 3 July...

Prayer Meeting for 24 June 2016

Prayer Meeting (24 June 2016) Prayer Points I. Great Commission Month (July) Prayer & Praise...

Rebuilding: Schedule of Works & Financials - June 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of June 2016

Rebuilding: Prayer and Praise - June 2016

Prayer and Praise items for June 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - June 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at June 2016

PFOA : John 14 : 15-31

Our understanding and appreciation of doctrine of the Trinity will become clearer and better as we respond in obedience to God's commands and teaching.

Reformation Concert 2016 - A Fundraising Project

Tell the story of Jesus and raise funds for the rebuilding at the same time? Hesitate no more and join us at our 2nd Reformation Concert this October!

Last Week's Worship (19 Jun 2016)

Call to Worship : Psalm 63:1-5. Theological Emphasis : The God who is our hearts' deepest desire, full of steadfast love and to whom we sing for joy.

Faith Journal (June 2016) : A Father's Heart

In this post, one of our young fathers exhorts all fathers or parents to trust in God's provision for their children and to rest in God, our Father.

Announcements for 19 June 2016

  DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM DS is in recess till 3 July...

PFOA : John 14:1-14

In this post, Dr Tony Chan reminds us that our life on this earth should not be limited to just the physical and material. Are we pointing the world to Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life?

Strengthened in Christ - the Word of God in our Own Language

Heidi Leong reminds us of the immense privilege we have of being able to read the Bible in our own language, and testifies that it is God’s word that strengthens and sustains her and her husband Tzi Ping as they serve as missionaries in Indonesia.

Announcements for 12 June 2016

  DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM DS is in recess till 3 July 2...

Church Retreat 2016: Devotionals

We would love to have those who are unable to join us for the Church Retreat which starts tomorrow, to not only pray for us but also do the devotionals together with us as a church.

PFOA : John 14:1-3

Our place in God’s kingdom is assured and there is comfort and encouragement as we persevere in living for and serving Christ in the here and now.

Announcements for 5 June 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PMDS is in recess till 3 July 2016. &nbs...