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Last Week's Worship (29 May 2016)

Call to Worship: Psalm 60:1-5, 11-12. Theological Emphasis : The Sovereign God who allows His people to suffer when they sin but not in condemnation, but discipline, because He has ultimately atoned for all sins in Jesus Christ - this God teaches us to repent.

Rebuilding: Prayer and Praise - May 2016

Prayer and Praise items for May 2016

Rebuilding: Schedule of Work & Financials - May 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of May 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - May 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at May 2016

Jesus Builds the Church

Tan Yee Kiat shows that Jesus is a masterful temple-builder, and reminds us that Jesus is expecting today’s church to bear fruit for Him.

Announcements for 29 May 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM DS is in recess till 3 July 2016. &n...

Prayer Meeting - 27 May 2016

Prayer Meeting (27 May 2016) Prayer Points I. Youth Ministry Prayer & Praise: - Thanksgivin...

PFOA : John 13:1-17

Our witness to the Gospel has to be by both word and deed.

Baby Dedication - 15 May 2016

Following in the footsteps of Hannah and Mary, eleven couples dedicated their children to our Lord for His purposes and His plans, showing their desire and dependence on God to fulfill their parental responsibilities and to bring up their children in the nurture and knowledge of God.

Last Week's Worship (22 May 2016)

Call to Worship : Psalm 59:1-5 Theological Emphasis : The God who is the Deliverer of His people and saves us from wicked and evil men.

New Sermon Series : 1 Corinthians

In this post, Pastor Arnold shares with us what we can learn from the new sermon series on 1 Corinthians beginning on 22 May 2016.

Announcements for 22 May 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W)(the “Church”) To: All Members of ...

PFOA : Ezra 9 & 10

Revival will not happen until there is repentance and sin is confessed.

Last Week's Worship (15 May 2016)

The Only True God who opposes idols and other gods, who will not tolerate idolatry, and sets Himself against them.

Why and How should we Grow as Christians?

Would a potential questioner find us stumbling over our answers to the above queries? Stumble no more: Leow Wen Pin provides clear answers to these fundamental questions, and challenges us to grow towards Christlikeness.

Announcements for 15 May 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the “Church”) To: All Members o...

Last Week's Worship (8 May 2016)

Call to Worship (Psalm 42:5-11 NLT) Theological emphasis : This psalm talks about casting our hope in God because God is our salvation and our Rock who will never forget us. Ultimately, this psalm points to Jesus Christ, our living Rock and Cornerstone who stabilizes, protects and provides the only basis for our hope.

Faith Journal (May 2016) : A Mother's Days

Being a mother is like that: blessed and privileged to be chosen for no deserving quality of our own to be guardians of God’s children.

Announcements for 8 May 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the “Church”) To: All Members o...

PFOA (Ezra 7 & 8)

Spiritual reformation cannot happen without sanctification in the Truth, the Word of God.

Last Week's Worship (1 May 2016)

Theological Emphasis : The loving God who keeps count of our tossings and treasures our tears, who is for us, and emboldens us to say that because of Him, we will not fear.