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Last Week's Worship (27 Mar 2016)

One day when Jesus Christ returns, we will dwell in God’s glorious presence in the new heavens and the new earth.

Rebuilding: Schedule of Works & Financials - March 2016

An update on the construction progress and cash flow projections as of March 2016

Rebuilding: Pictorial Update - March 2016

A pictorial update of the construction work at 17 Mattar Road as at March 2016

Rebuilding: Prayer & Praise - March 2016

Prayer and Praise items for March 2016

Roots, Shoots and Fruits

In our Children's Corner for Grace News, Rachel Wong teaches our children the importance of having strong and healthy roots for their faith plant.

Prayer Meeting on 25 March 2016

Prayer Meeting (25 March 2016) Prayer Points   I. Young Adult Ministry Prayer & Praise...

Announcements for 27 March 2016

AGM – 20 MAR 2016 DIRECTORS VOTING RESULT:- Present including Proxies: 300    ...

Reflection on the Cross

In this post, a "grateful sinner" shares his personal reflection on what the Cross means to him as he contemplates the events leading to Good Friday.

PFOA : Ezra 3

In this week's post, we are reminded to examine our own heart and attitude as we consider the example of the Jews who returned to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple in Ezra 3.

Last Week's Worship (20 Mar 2016)

The God whom we have all sinned against, and who hates rebellion against Him. He will have mercy upon those who repent, for Jesus's sake.

Faith Journal (March 2016)

In this faith journal, Lup Meng, our Deacon-in-Charge of the Worship Ministry, shares with us the lessons that God has been teaching him in his faithful service to the Lord and the church.

Announcements for 20 March 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the Church) To: All Members of the English ...

Family Meal 6 March 2016

We are grateful to the organisers for the hard work put in to the planning of the first GBC Family Meal and are eagerly looking forward to our next GBC EC Family Meal.

PFOA : Ezra 1

Dr Tony Chan shares the lessons that GBC can learn from Ezra 1 as a community in our journey to rebuild our church building.

Last Week's Worship (13 March 2016)

The God who is the only righteous Judge and gathers His faithful, summoning them to hear His words of fire and worship Him.

Rooted in Christ as a Missionary

David Chang reflects on sinking his spiritual roots in Christ, whilst serving in metropolitan Bangkok.

Announcements for 13 March 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED(Registration no. 197903364W)Registered Office: 17 Mattar Road, Singapor...

PFOA : Haggai 1:1-15

In this post, Tony Chan calls us to examine our hearts and see if we have displaced God from His rightful position in our lives.

Announcements for 6 March 2016

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered Office: 17 Mattar Road, Sing...

Last Week's Worship (6 Mar 2016)

Our God is the God of eternal life, who ransoms human beings from vanity and purposelessness, and instead, saves us from the power of Death by giving us eternal life in Jesus Christ.