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Desiring God

Grace News interviews Ngo Thian Chye and Matthew Koh to find out what they do during their daily devotion, how they find the time and energy for such regular devotion and the motivation behind their commitment.

Announcements for 31 January 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.00 – 6.15 PM “Lord, How I Love Your Torah&rdquo...

Prayer Meeting for 29 January 2016

Prayer Meeting (29 January 2016) Prayer Points I. Young Adult Ministry Prayer & Praise: - Y...

Rebuilding Praise & Prayer - January 2016

Latest praise & prayer updates for church rebuilding.

PFOA : 1Timothy 6:11-16

This week, Dr Tony Chan, exhorts us from 1 Tim 6 : 11-16, to present ourselves blameless and holy when our Lord King Jesus comes to receive us unto Himself.

Sermon Schedule (Jan - Jun 2016)

We are indeed thankful to our pastors and speakers for their pulpit ministry. Let's be in prayer for the preachers as they prepare to bring God's Word to us with the power of the Holy Spirit at our Sunday worship services.

Last Week's Worship (24 Jan 2016)

Our God is One who sends His light and truth to vindicate His people from their enemies, and draws His people to praise Him with joy. Isaiah 43:1-4

New Sermon Series on "One Another" beginning on 24 Jan 2016

This Sunday, the pulpit ministry will kick off its first sermon from the new series on "One Another".

Announcements for 24 January 2016

DISCIPLESHIP SEMINARS (DS) | SUNDAY | 5.00 PM – 6.15 PM● “After You Believe” | 2...

PFOA : Psalm 51

In this post, Dr Tony Chan reminds us that all sin is against God and punishable by death. The only rescue that we have is in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the sinless for the sinful, redeeming a people for Himself, a people distinct from the world.

Last Week's Worship (17 Jan 2016)

Our God is the living God who is the desire of our hearts, whom we long to worship, and in whom is all our hope and salvation.

Grace News Issue #1 2016 - The Importance of Being Rooted in Christ

Grace News Issue #1 2016 emphasises the importance of sinking our roots deep in Christ.

Announcements for 17 January 2016


You Can't Passively Kill Sin

In this article, Phillip Holmes shares with us that Christians are called to be active participants in this war against the flesh, a war we wage by the Spirit and not by the flesh.

Watchnight Service 2015

At Watchnight Service 2015, we saw a good mix of members, the young and "not-so-old", coming together to testify of God's goodness and grace in their lives.

Last Week's Worship (10 Jan 2016)

God has mercy on the poor, delivers, protects, sustains, and restores those who will repent.

O Church, Arise

Aaron Lum explores the theme of commitment in the words of a favourite modern-day hymn.

Announcements for 10 January 2016

WORSHIP AT CHS WORSHIP             ...

Joy to the World - Christmas Service 25 Dec 2015

The Christmas Day service at GBC this year was an evangelistic service that spoke to believers and non-believers alike with a clear presentation of the gospel, interspersed with favourite carols of praise to God.

Last Week's Worship (3 Jan 2016)

On the first Sunday of 2016, we sang songs of praise to our God who is great in His salvation and worthy of a new song of praise.

Why GBC?

Continuing our series on Commitment, Cecilia Kang interviewed five GBC members on why they choose to worship at GBC.