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GBC Vision Statement Explained

This is to explain the vision statement of GBC in order to provide a clear understanding for all to work towards....

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Sacrifices of the Heart

As we imitate our King, the sacrifices we willingly undertake in pursuing Jesus matter in how they direct our hearts towards Him. Here, some members of GBC share about what they have given up, taken up, or willingly struggle with for the sake of the cross....

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7 Reasons to Keep a Journal

In this post, we share an article detailing 7 reasons to keep up the practice of journaling. ...

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Philippian War Games

The recently held Philippian War Games was organized by a team of young adult members along with some of the youths and it was a precious day of fun and time to getting to know each other....

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The Disciple-Making Taskforce

Hm? DMF Taskforce? If you’re not sure what that is or who is involved, read on!...

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How to Disciple With a Book

We share an article which helpfully describes a simple discipleship tool -- discipling with a book....

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