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Announcements for 3 Jan 2016


PFOA : Isaiah 53:1-12

Last Friday, We celebrated the birth of Christ which was told in Part I of Handel's Messiah. In this week's post, Dr Tony Chan, continues with Part II of Messiah which tells of the Passion of Christ - His sufferings and rejection.

Last Week's Worship (27 Dec 2015)

Our God is our hope since He alone is eternal whereas all men are mere mortals, fleeting before Him. Amen!

Announcements for 27 Dec 2015


Jesus is the Light of the world

This Christmas, Pastor Arnold reaches out to us with the hope that is found in Jesus, the Light of the world.

Last Week's Worship (20 Dec 15)

Jesus comes as the light shining in the darkness, to redeem the world from sin and bring eternal peace. Let's sing praises to our God who is a God of peace.

Discipleship NOT For Me

Yap Kim Meng urges us not to be intimidated by the words ‘disciple-making’, but simply to commit ourselves to extend Christian love and care to those around us.

Announcements for 20 December 2015


Baptism of Julian, Zhifeng, Glen & Nathanael - 13 Dec 2015

We rejoiced with Julian, Zhifeng, Glen and Nathanael as they publicly declared their faith in our Lord through baptism

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

The world celebrates Christmas with all its pomp and festivities but devoid of Christ. For most Christians, Christmas is a time of joy mixed with sadness. "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" captures this mixed experience in its music and message.

PFOA : Isaiah 9:2-7

This week, Dr. Tony Chan, continues in his reflection on Part 1 Scene 3 of Handel's "Messiah" about the nativity scene, a fulfillment of a prophecy in the birth of a child named Immanuel, which ends with a joyful chorus.

Announcements for 13 December 2015


PFOA: Isaiah 40:1-5

During this Advent season, let us reflect together on this great oratorio, the Handel's Messiah, which presents the full scope of the Gospel and God’s plan to redeem a people for Himself.

Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 16 - Disciplemaking

Making other disciples of Christ is a key part of being a disciple of Christ, and is done in obedience to God.

Committing to the Lord

Li Shiwei writes about how he sees his recent baptism as both a commitment to God and a means of fostering deeper relationships with those around him.

Announcements for 6 December 2015


Mark on Discipleship #3 - What Motivates You as a Disciple of Jesus Christ

What motivates a disciple of Christ? Today, we continue our biblical reflections on discipleship by examining Mark 8:27-9:1 where we learn what it means to deny ourselves, carry our cross and follow Jesus.