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"Why Should We Come to Church?"

We chanced upon this helpful post by Rick Phillips on the reasons we should go to church. Drawing from the account and examples of the believers in Acts, he provides a couple of reasons for us.

Last Week's Worship (27 Sept 2015)

God has been faithful to GBC all these years, and will continue to be faithful today and forever!

Faith Journal (13 and 20 September)

Written by our pastoral staff, these weekly devotionals are meant to help us meditate on Scripture and consider the great works of the Lord in our lives. The goal is to turn our eyes back to our unchanging, faithful God in this period of transition and change for GBC.

Discipleship Seminar (DS) Ministry

Through this interview with Ann Rodis from the DS team, we see that serving in a church ministry teaches one to live in submission to others.

Being Discipled: Personal Stories from My Life

One person’s Christ-likeness impacts another, and a disciple is made over time. Pastor Oliver Chia shares his journey of being discipled by two men he encountered in his life.

Announcements for 27 September 2015

PHOTO TAKING | TODAY 27SEP A group photo will be taken immediately after the worship service for al...

How should Christians pray amid the haze?

In this article, we suggest 6 ways Singaporeans can pray for the ongoing haze situation and how we can be faithful in prayer.

Who Allowed You to Teach? (Part 3)

In this series, we've spoken with various ones who are teaching God's Word faithfully wherever He has placed them. In this third post, we speak to Nehemiah Chong, who has been actively involved in reading the Bible in small group settings, and also teaching in the Young Adults Ministry.

PFOA: Ephesians 6:21-24

As we come to this final greeting, let us take time to read the whole letter of Paul to the Ephesians again and see how we can, like Paul, pray in the Spirit and pray for one another.

Last Week's Worship (20 Sept 2015)

Let us worship the glorious name of Jesus our King!

Essentials of Discipleship: Seminar 8 - The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit dwells in all Christians and unites us into the body of Christ. Spiritual gifts come from the Holy Spirit, and spiritual pride has no place in Christ's body.

Announcements for 20 September 2015

EC ATTENDANCE UPDATE | 20 AND 27 SEP We are conducting an attendance update today and next Sunday. ...

Who Allowed You To Teach? (Part 2)

In the second part of our series, we spoke with Wen Pin. Wen Pin is no stranger to us, as he is regularly involved in the Discipleship Seminars. We've asked him to share about his experience in teaching in the church, and how we can all equip ourselves to play our own part in the church.

Deliverance (Ex 1:1-2:10)

We begin a new sermon series tracing the life of Moses.

GBC's 56th Anniversary

GBC celebrated her 56th Anniversary on 6 September 2015 with the last combined CC and EC service to be held in the present sanctuary.

Last Week's Worship (13 Sept 2015)

Our God is One who is the strength of His people, who saves and blesses them in mercy and kindness.

What it Takes to Submit and Unite

Cecilia Kang talks to 7 GBC members to find out what they think it means to submit and unite.

New Sermon Series on "Moses" beginning on 13 September 2015

We have completed our series on "Prayer" and this Sunday, we are beginning our new series on "Moses". Pastor Arnold shares with us why and what we can learn from Moses in the face of real life changes.

Announcements for 13 September 2015


PFOA: Eph 6:10-20

Tony Chan exhorts us to prayer and spiritual warfare for the kingdom of God.

Last Week's Worship (6 Sept 2015)

God has been faithful to GBC the past 56 years. Hallelujah!

To Him Who Is Able

The Worship Ministry has been teaching us new songs to sing in church. In late August, we learnt the song ‘To Him Who Is Able’, and the three verses of the song highlight attribtues of God and ascribe praise and glory to Him.

United We Stand

We would all agree that church unity is important as a mark of obedience and a testimony to the world, but how does it play out in practice? Rachel Wong speaks to three church members to learn how they practise and promote unity in their different roles.

Announcements for 6 September 2015

GBC 56TH ANNIVERSARY | TODAY | 10.00 AM In view of the Anniversary service today, please note the f...

Who Allowed You To Teach? Part 1

In this new series, we interview various ones in GBC that have had experience teaching at various platforms. This first interview is with Bryan Tan, one of our university students that is studying overseas, but has plenty of service opportunities there!