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The Presence of God

Today's guest speaker Dr Richard Averbeck helped us to see how the theme of God's presence can be found throughout Scripture, and how it encourages us today, and affects the way we live our dail lives.

This Week's Worship (29 June 2014)

This Sunday, Lup Meng and Belinda and the church choir led us in worship of Jesus Christ through heartfelt songs of worship.

Announcement 29 June 2014


Thian Chye's Testimony (Joshua 24:14-15)

Our brother Thian Chye shares passionately about his experience leading up to the church camp and his message for the rest of us, the church.

PFOA Apostles' Creed: [Jesus Christ] suffered under Pontius Pilate; was crucified, dead and buried:

Tony Chan deals with the statement in the Apostles' Creed that focuses on the person of Jesus Christ and how He suffered Pontius Pilate and went to hell for us.

Gentleness & Happiness - What Do They Have To Do With Each Other?

As we continue our study in the Beatitudes, we are reminded of the call to be gentle, and the promise that the meek will inherit the earth.

Last Week's Worship (22 June 2014)

Kiyoko and Gerald led us in a time of heartfelt worship this Sunday

Ministry Focus: Sound & Projection Ministries

Ministry Focus: Here we are reminded of the importance of the sound and projection teams for the smooth running of worship services.

Announcement 22 June 2014


Youth Bible Conference and Young Adults Retreat 2014

The Youth Bible Conference is on this June with the Young Adults Retreat the first week of July! Learn about how you can pray for these ministries.

GBC Combined Church Camp 2014

It's been 1 week since the campers have returned from the 2014 combined church camp. Read about what our campers experienced together in this special event in the life of the church.

PFOA Apostles' Creed: Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary

In this latest instalment of the Apostles' Creed on PFOA, Tony Chan explains the virgin birth and the the importance of that doctrine in describing the uniqueness of Christ

GBC video: What if your blessings come through raindrops?

Recently, the worship ministry was able to convert the recording of Laura Story's 'Blessings', sung by Elvira Tan and Caleb Yap

A Song for Fathers

This Fathers' Day, we are reminded that our Heavenly Father is gently calling us all, whether we are fathers or not, to lift our eyes to Him and to trust in the gospel everyday and in every situation.

Last Week's Worship (15 June 2014)

This Sunday, the youths led us in worship and praise to our great and precious savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you, youths!

Announcement 15 June 2014

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ON SUNDAY (CES) - RECESS The next run of Seekers will be in August, while the ...

One Giant Step Towards Happiness

"Real happiness is not found in anything this world offers but it is about being right with God." The series on the Sermon on the Mount continues to point us to the radical nature of the teachings of Jesus. In Matt 5:4, we are reminded that though we mourn over sins and the brokenness of the world, we have the hope of what is to come, where there will be no more tears.

Making Disciples - A Conversation with Miauw Suang

Seah Yen Goon interviews The Miauw Suang, a member of GBC, as she shares her experiences and deals with some of the fears that we may face as we seek to make disciples.

PFOA Apostles' Creed: I believe in...Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord

Working his way through the Apostles' Creed, Tony Chan explains the next statement about the person of Jesus Christ

Announcements 7 June 2014

  CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ON SUNDAY (CES) - RECESS |The next run of Seekers will be inAugust, whil...

Announcement 8 June 2014

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ON SUNDAY (CES) - RECESS |The next run of Seekers will be in August, while the n...

Nehemiah War Games

The youths and young adults recently held the first ever "Nehemiah War Games". It was an evening of great fun right here at GBC.

Church Camp Song 2014: Consecration Hymn

In this brief interview, worship ministry member Caleb Yap shares about this year's camp song, 'Consecration Hymn'.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This marks the first of a new series on the Sermon on the Mount. In this introduction from the first three verses of Matthew 5, we are reminded that these words of God, spoken by the Word became flesh, is timeless and true, even for us today.

Last Sunday's Worship (1 Jun 2014)

This Sunday, Carrie and John Cheah led us in hymns of praise and worship to our Lord and God.