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Announcement 01 June 2014


Last Week's Worship (25 May 2014)

Last Sunday, Kiyoko Mori and Caleb Yap led the congregation in heartfelt songs of worship to our God for His grace shown towards us in Jesus Christ. Continue worshipping using the videos of songs posted here!

'Grow in Grace at the Table' by Desiring God Ministries

In this follow up post on the ordinance of the Lord's Supper, David Mathis from Desiring God Ministries describes the past, present and future realities proclaimed in this means of grace.

The Holy Spirit Indwells The Community Of Christ

Pastor Bobby took us through Acts 2, when the early church received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Bryan Tan on preaching 1 Thess 2

GBC member, Bryan Tan, now studying in Cork, Ireland shares on his recent experience of delivering a sermon on 1 Thess 2.

PFOA Apostles' Creed: I believe in God, Maker of heaven and earth

In this second post in his new Apostles' Creed series, Tony Chan explores what it means to believe in God. What do we we need to believe about God?

Announcement 25 May 2014


Statement of Faith Series: God (Part 2)

In this second instalment of our Statement of Faith series, Pastor Emeritus Rev (Dr) E N Poulson, or Grandpa P, continues teaching us what we believe about God.

'Wash in the Water' by Desiring God Ministries

This blogpost is an excerpt from Desiring God Ministries writer David Mathis. In it, Mathis describes poignantly the meaning of the ordinance of baptism and how we ought to participate and respond to it.

Discipling Disciples

Rachel Wong presents the testimonies of four church members who are involved in disciple-making, being discipled, or both. Here they share about how dependent we are when discipling others on the discipleship we ourselves have received from God.

A Community In Christ

Pastor Bobby continued a series in Acts. From Acts 1:12-24, we read of how the apostles waited for the promised Holy Spirit, but continued to do the work of praying and obeying the Word together as they waited.

Last Week's Worship (18 May 2014)

Last Sunday, David Kong and Caleb Yap led us in a time of worshipping God through familiar hymns and new songs saturated in biblical truth.

Announcement 18 May 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the Church) Registered office: 17 Mattar Ro...

PFOA: Introducing the Apostles' Creed- believing in God

Tony Chan introduces the next series focus for PFOA- the Apostles' Creed and what it is important.

PFOA: Praying Paul's Priorities from Ephesians (Eph 1:15-21)

How should we pray for one another? From Ephesians 1, Tony Chan explains what are some priorities in prayer as demonstrated by the apostle Paul.

A Mum on a Mission

This Mothers' Day, from Exodus 2:1-10 we marvel at the providential hand of God working through the faith of a mother as she sought to protect and raise her child.

PFOA: Jesus and discipleship (Mark 3:13-14)

Jesus chose and trained disciples to be with Him and to do the work of His kingdom. Are we involved in making disciples?

Announcement 11 May 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the Church) Registered office: 17 Mattar Ro...

Faith and A Journey of Faith

Through Heb 11, we are reminded that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Our faith and hope is certain and sure, anchored in Jesus, and this allows us to run the race with endurance!

Blessings: What if trials of this life are just mercies in disguise?

This Sunday, Elvira and Caleb presented this song for offertory entitled 'Blessings' by Laura Story. Learn more about the heart of the song here.

Last Week's Worship (4 May 2014)

This Sunday, Carrie and John Cheah led us in a time of heartfelt worship unto the Lord. May we continue in this spirit of worship, both now and evermore.

Notice of EC Meeting - 18 May 2014

Notice of English Congregation Meeting on Sunday, 18 May 2014 at 10am or after the worship service for the following purpose: To extend, by poll, Rev Bobby Lee Oon Chai's term of service as Pastor, Outreach, English Congregation for a further term of 3 years wef 1 June 2014. Proxy Form available here.

Testimony of Pastor Bobby Lee Oon Chai

My wife, Lydia, together, with our 4 lovely girls: Olivia, Harriet, Pearl and Chloe, have been recipients of much warmth and love growing up in Grace Baptist Church. My life is a testimony of God’s grace and love through His providence, protection, and preparation in my teenage years.

The Wonder of Discipling

Jesus was a masterful disciple-maker. How did He do it, and how can we follow His example at GBC? Pastor Arnold Wong shares some exciting plans for discipleship training at GBC in the years to come!

Announcement 4 May 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD(Registration no. 197903364W) (the Church) Registered office: 17 Mattar Ro...

1 Peter Lectures by Dr Bruce Winter

GBC, together with BGST, hosted Dr Bruce Winter for a series of classes on 1 and 2 Peter. There were many familiar faces from GBC, both for the public lecture and the week long class. It was also a great opportunity for GBC to practice hospitality and share our resources, as we hosted fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from other churches.