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PFOA: How is the resurrection relevant to me now? (Col 2:11-15)

Tony Chan explains for us the impact of the resurrection in our daily lives. How are you experiencing the impact of the greatest thing God has ever done in history?

Results of EGM on 27 April 2014

After the combined EC-CC Worship Service on 27 April 2014, the EGM was conducted with 560 members present either in person or by proxy out of 632 registered members making a quorum of 88.6%.

From The Great Commandments to Great Commitment

Through Mark 12, we are reminded of the two great commandments of the Christian -- to love God and love man. We do so because we follow Jesus, whose love for man led him to the cross, and ultimately did all these because of love for the Father.

Prayer for Needs of the Church and Rebuilding

At the EC Monthly Prayer Meeting, a set of prayer requests was provided for church members. For Church Rebuilding, the prayer is for Discernment, Commitment, and Unity. For needs of the Church, the prayer is for Consecration, Conviction, and Community.

Announcement 27 Apr 2014

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 27 APRIL 2014 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered...

Moving from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday

"...because I live, you will also live." (John 14:19). The Good Friday and Easter services reminded us of what Jesus had done and why we no longer need to be afraid.

FAQ on Church Rebuilding

The FAQ addresses these areas: Why Rebuild, Mandate to Rebuild, Process of Arriving at Design, How Much and Fund Raising, Other Options Considered, How Long and How Will the Project be Managed, Usage in the Future, Where Will We Go During Construction, and Learning From Others.

No Longer Scared

This Easter message takes us to look at the words recorded by John the apostle in Rev 1:17-18. Because He is risen, the Christian has strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Death, the final enemy, has been overcome!

Grace News - Issue #2 2014 - Focuses on Discipleship

Continuing our theme of spiritual growth of the church, this quarter's Grace News examines more closely what it means to be a disciple and to make disciples.

Last Week's Worship (Good Friday & Easter Services 2014)

A compilation of the two special services and the beautiful music presented by the Worship Ministry, to the glory of God.

Announcement 20 Apr 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered office: 17 Mattar Road, Singapor...

Clarification on the Proposed Rebuilding EGM on 27 April 2014

To pass the Proposed Rebuilding, at least 80% of GBC members must be represented (either in person or by proxy) at the 27 April 2014 EGM to form the quorum, and then for at least 80% of the votes cast to be in favour. To enable this to take place in accordance with our constitution, we need to do this through two special resolutions as explained below.

Making Decisions in the Church as a Community

The coming weeks mark a crucial juncture in the life of GBC, with members due to vote on a proposed building project. In this guest post by member Tony Chan, we read and learn about the individual member's role and responsibility in decision-making, even as the church collectively comes to a conclusion.

Living in the Future Tense

In this sermon from Luke 12:35-58, we are reminded that a day will come when the True Master returns, and we as servants will be accountable to him. Are we being faithful servants, watching and waiting and eager to do his work?

Reasons for GBC Rebuilding

The church leadership is calling the whole church family to be united in prayer and beseech the Lord to revive us and make us His devoted followers and to rebuild GBC in both her spiritual and physical forms, so it can accomplish God’s greater work of making disciples for His glory, now and in the future.

Singing Praises to the Lord: A Missionary Update from Pearl Peh Paleh Naw

Pearl Peh Paleh Naw gives thanks for the establishment of music programmes at the Karen Baptist Theological Seminary (KBTS), Myanmar.

This Sunday Combined English Service and Townhall Meeting

The Sunday Worship Service on 13 April will be a combined service for the 1st and 2nd English services, from 8:30-9:45 am. A Townhall meeting will immediately follow involving members of the EC Leadership, Building Steering Committee, & architects who will make a presentation of the rebuilding program. All are invited to attend.

Announcement 13 Apr 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered office: 17 Mattar Road, Singapor...

How Our Leaders Came to the Unanimous Decision on GBC Rebuilding

Elder Chong Tien shared as one who has been struggling with this issue for past three years. This is to help us understand how the leaders came to this conviction. He also like to share some thoughts on how we should move forward individually and as a church.

Why the Need for 80/80 Special Resolution

For the Proposed Rebuilding EGM, the first special resolution calls for a Special Quorum of 80% of the members to be present for the second resolution to authorise the Proposed Rebuilding and of the votes cast by the Special Quorum, at least 80% are to be in favour of the Proposed Rebuilding.

Judgment Begins, But Yet, Grace

In the beginning chapters of 1 Samuel, we are reminded that God judges sin, yet we can also catch glimpses of grace as He continues to provide for his people.

Proposed Resolutions of EGM on 27 April 2014

Details of the proposed special resolutions for consideration at the EGM on 27 April 2014 with the attached Annex.

Last Week's Worship (6 Apr 2014)

This Sunday, Toshiyuki Mori and Joy Tan led us in songs that prepared us for the Lord's Supper. In this season of Lent, let us continue to meditate on the Cross as approach Good Friday and Easter.

Notice of EGM on 27 April 2014 and Rebuilding Events

NOTICE is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Grace Baptist Church Ltd (“the Church”) will be held at 17 Mattar Road, Singapore 387722 on Sunday, 27 April 2014 at 10.00 a.m. or after the conclusion of the combined worship service, whichever is later.

Announcement 6 Apr 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered office: 17 Mattar Road, Singapor...

Baptism - Miriam Yeo - 30 Mar 2014

From 'why' to 'why not?', Miriam Yeo chose to lay down her pride and trust God to be the captain of her life. Hallelujah!

PFOA: Meditations on Christ (1 Tim 1:15)

In this instalment of PFOA, Tony Chan shares more meditations on Jesus Christ from 1 Timothy.

Distressed... Interrupted. Our Large God who Cares

Through the struggles of Hannah in 1 Sam, we see a God who cares for His people, and continues to bring deliverance in small ways. The faithfulness of this God in the small things, is ultimately made possible only because of his great deliverance through Jesus Christ.