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Book Review - BROKENNESS: The Heart God Revives

Rachel Wong reviews this book by DeMoss on how revival comes about when we undergo brokenness before God and others.

Announcement 30 Mar 2014

AGM – 23 MAR 2014 DIRECTORS VOTING RESULTS - : JASON CHUA LIAN CHENG Present including proxie...

Church Picnic 2014

GBC members gathered for a picnic at the Botanical Gardens on an early Saturday morning for a great time of fellowship and fun.

PFOA: Regardless of Lent, meditate on Christ

In this new series of PFOA, Tony Chan urges us to meditate on the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as we draw close to Him by faith.

Church Rebuilding Update - 26 Mar 2014

The Church Rebuilding Steering Committee received rebuilding proposals from 3 architectural companies on 17 March 2014. The Committee met over the subsequent week with 3 other experts from within the church to study, deliberate, and decide on the proposed plans. In the coming week, the Committee will present its recommendation to both the English and Chinese congregational leaderships for consideration and concurrence.

Beware of Apathy

Jesus' words to the church at Laodicea warns us about the perils of being neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. It is a reminder for us all to listen to what Jesus has to say, reflect on our current spiritual state, and return to him in repentance and faith.

PFOA: Recap of the Lord's Prayer

Tony Chan helps us summarize and reflect on the Lord's Prayer as a whole.

Announcement 23 Mar 2014

ANNOUNCEMENTS GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED (Registration no. 197903364W) Registered Office: 17 M...

Staying Spiritually Strong

The book of Nehemiah concludes with some final reforms. Nehemiah and the people have been brought through a journey of faith, but they still needed to obey in repentance and faith.

Annual General Meeting and English Congregation Meeting on 23 March 2014

The Thirty-Fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Grace Baptist Church Ltd will be held on Sunday, 23 March 2014 at 11.00 a.m. The English Congregation Meeting (EC Meeting) will be held at 12.00 noon or immediately after the conclusion of the AGM, whichever is earlier.

PFOA: "For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever."

Rounding up his PFOA series, Tony Chan explains the doxology at the end of the Lord's Prayer.

A Call to Fast and Pray for God's Leading

GBC Leadership has been actively praying for God's leading us into our Rebuilding Project and we want to encourage members and worshippers to join in fasting and praying. Together, let us seek God's continued leading and wisdom as we embark on this journey of faith.

Reviving Outreach in MacPherson

Ps Bobby Lee talks about the harvest field of MacPherson Estate, introducing two outreach efforts - the tuition ministry within MacPherson, and the Kovan Fellowship.

Church Camp 2014 Committee Interview (cont'd)

In this second interview, Thian Chye shares more with us regarding the upcoming church camp and more of the heart of the committee - their prayers for the church through the June camp. Have you signed up yet?

Couples Night Out - Love is in the Air!

A thoughtful and loving effort by the Family Ministry and their team of GBC volunteers to encourage married couples to spend more time with their spouses.

Announcement 16 Mar 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED(Registration no. 197903364W) Registered Office: 17 Mattar Road, Singap...

PFOA: "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"

In this post, Tony Chan discusses the presence of evil in this world and how we ought to pray in response to it.

Sermon Series Recap: The Church Series

In this sermon recap, we remind ourselves of what the doctrine of church is, and why it was taught to us in 2013.

TGIF CG Bible Study Review - 7 March 2014

Past Friday, we studied Nehemiah 5--an episode that shows how Nehemiah is not only interested in physical rebuilding, but also the spiritual reformation of God's people. The problem was the poor did not have enough grain due to famine and labor diverted to rebuilding work, had to pay the king's taxes, and they were financially exploited by their rich Jewish brothers charging overly-high interest.

Real People, Real Revival, & Real Results

Nehemiah 10 reminds us that God's people who have heard and prayed through his Word must also act and obey what they have heard.

Last Week's Worship (9 March 2014) First Week of Lent

Beginning with the call to worship from the Jesus Storybook Bible, 'The Friend of Little Children', Toshi and Belinda led us this morning in a blessed time of adoring our humble and gracious Saviour. Let us worship Him in full trust as children do.

Church Camp 2014 Committee Interview

Our church camp champion, Thian Chye, gives us some insight into the planning committee for the camp and what members can look forward to as well as encourage the committee members.

Announcement 9 Mar 2014

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH LIMITED(Registration no. 197903364W) Registered Office: 17 Mattar Road, Singap...

Kenny Lamm: Why the Baptist church should celebrate Lent

In this reblogged post, our friend from the North Carolina Baptist Convention, worship consultant and trainer Rev. Kenny Lamm, shares why Baptist should pay special attention to Lent

Statement of Faith Series: The Bible (Part 1)

In this brand new series, our Pastor Emeritus, Dr P, more affectionately - Grandpa P, answers questions on the church's statement of faith. Here, he begins with what we believe about the Bible.

Interview with the Organising Team for BGST Lectures on 1-2 Peter by Dr Bruce Winter at GBC

On the 14 April 2014, GBC will be hosting a lecture by eminent Bible scholar Dr Bruce Winter and our friends from the Biblical Graduate School of Theology. In this blogpost, we interview the organising team!

Revive Us O Lord!

Through Nehemiah 9, we see how God used His Word, to bring His people back to Him, and bring about repentance and revival.

Last Week's Worship (2 March 2014)

This week, Lup Meng and John Cheah ministered to us in songs that prepared us to remember the Lord Jesus' death on the Cross and our desire for revival to come.

A Camp To Serve

Wong Ann Cai, longtime church camp committee chairman shares his thoughts on the evolution of the church camp ministry and sheds some light on the ups and downs of serving in this area.