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Thanksgiving Celebration

More than 80 members gathered together to give thanks to our Lord for what He is doing in their lives.

Announcement 01 Dec 2013

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION ON SUNDAY (CES): 1. RECESS Seekers Class, Welcome Session and the Sunday Disci...

Overview of 'They Looked For Redemption'

Take a look at the overview of the Advent Devotional: They Looked For Redemption and how it helps us understand the true meaning of Christmas

Interview with Pastor Bobby on evangelism

Pastor Bobby answers questions on evangelism and provides teaching on how Gospel proclamation is every Christian's personal responsibility

Ladies' Ministry Jewellery-Making Workshop

Updates from the Ladies Ministry on their recent jewellery-making workshop - a good way to bring people together

Tested, Tried and True (Neh 2:1-20)

Pastor Arnold continued the series in Nehemiah, and reminded us of God's provisions for Nehemiah despite the trials and tests that he encountered.

Last Sunday's Worship 24 Nov 2013

Have a listen to the youtube videos of songs sung in this Sunday's worship service - may the Holy Spirit use these words to strengthen your faith in God.

Interview with missionaries Leong Tzi Ping and Heidi

In this interview, we speak to our dear missionaries Ping and Heidi about their upcoming overseas assignment. Have a read and pray for them!

When God Calls (Neh 1:1-11)

Pastor Arnold opens the new series in Nehemiah, preaching on Nehemiah's calling from God and Nehemiah's call out to God in prayer.

"Greater things have yet to be done in this city"

As our Youths reminded us this Sunday during the offertory, greater things have yet to be done! Will you pray for the city of Singapore today?

Last Week's Worship 17 Nov 2013

Have a listen to the youtube videos of songs sung in this Sunday's worship service - may the Holy Spirit use these words to strengthen your faith in God.

Interview with Pastor Arnold about Thanksgiving

In preparation for the Thanksgiving celebration to come, Pastor Arnold shares his thoughts on what it is and why the church should celebrate it.

The Unity of the Church

Pastor Arnold Wong preaches from Eph 4:1-6 on the unity of the church, theologically and practically

The Service of the Church

In the ongoing series on the church, Pastor Arnold helped us to understand the heart and means of service in the church and challenged us to obey these truths as a church.

Discipline of the Church

Pastor Arnold teaches on the often-neglected topic of church discipline in the Christian fight against sin: the problems, process and priorities of church discipline.

The Ordinances of the Church

Pastor Bobby concludes the series on the church by helping us understand the role of the ordinances -- to point back to Jesus.

Last Week's Worship 10 Nov 2013

Have a listen at the youtube videos of songs sung in this Sunday's worship service - may the Holy Spirit use these words to teach you His truth.

Statement from EC & CC Leaders on Church Rebuilding

The congregational leaderships of the EC and CC believe God is leading Grace Baptist Church into a journey of faith to rebuild our church premises. The EC and CC leaderships have deliberated carefully and agreed on the following spiritual priorities for GBC to uphold and exemplify our unity as one church and one body.

Snippets of a Loving Church

The Grace News team went around asking various church members a simple question: ‘How have you experienced love from GBC as a church?’ Here are the responses we got.

Know Your Leaders: Pastor Oliver Chia

Pastor Oliver has been directly responsible for the care group ministry, as well as the ministry to the Youth and Young Adults for many years. Read on as he introduces himself in preparation for the upcoming EGM.

Mark on Discipleship #1: The Gospel of Mark

The vision for Grace Baptist Church is for us to be a disciple-making church that transforms lives with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. However, what is disciple-making? Or a better question, what exactly is a disciple?

Know Your Leaders: Elder Tan Chong Tien

Do you know your church leaders? In this post, Elder Tan Chong Tien shares more about himself in preparation for the upcoming English Congregation EGM.

Care Group Bible Study Materials now on Website

The Care Group Bible Study Materials have been uploaded on the new Church Website. Materials and resources are now available for CG Leaders and Members to use for their study of the Word and to build a Christ-Centered Community.

Interview with Yap Kim Meng about Pray for 100 for Christmas

As a part of the committee for the Christmas evangelistic outreach and Pray for 100 for Christmas, Yap Kim Meng hopes to energize our faith in God for active personal evangelism.

Last Week's Worship 3 Nov 2013

Songs sung in corporate worship this Sunday - continue to worship God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength this week!

Care Group Ministry: 'Your Walk with God is a Community Project' by Dr. Paul Tripp

Pastor Oliver encouraged GBC care group leaders to attend the Equip Conference hosted by Adam Road Presbyterian Church featuring Dr. Paul Tripp