“The Weeping King”

  • Date: Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Speaker: Pastor Eugene Low
  • Series: Grace Together
  • Scripture: Luke 19:28–19:44

“The Weeping King”

(Luke: 19:28-44)

  1. Jesus is the King who fulfills God's promises







  1. Jesus is the King who serves others







  1. Jesus is the King who dies







  1. Jesus is the King who weeps






Am I walking in the way of Christ and the cross? 

Questions for personal reflection during Passion Week 

  • Do I thirst for God?
  • Do I listen to and obey God’s Word?
  • Am I thankful for the cross of Christ?
  • Am I more humble?
  • Am I more gracious, merciful and loving towards others?  
  • Do I have a growing concern for the spiritual and practical needs of others? 
  • Do I delight in the church, the Bride of Christ?
  • Do I still grieve over sin?   
  • Am I quick to forgive and seek reconciliation?  
  • Do I yearn for Jesus to return and make all things right? 


Suggested readings for Passion Week

Monday -- Luke 21 

Tuesday -- Luke 22:1-46

Wednesday -- Luke 22:47-71

Thursday -- Luke 23:1-25

Friday -- Luke 23:26-49

Saturday -- Luke 23:50-56

Sunday -- Luke 24