Overview of the Children Ministry

Sunday school caters to children from ages 2 - 12, and run from 9.30-11.00am each Sunday.

Currently, the younger children (Age 2-7) are using the Gospel Light curriculum that seeks to introduce the children to the Triune God and the Bible. The older children (8-12) are following a 5-year syllabus of 'Desiring God'  which aims to systematically help children explore different aspects of the Christian faith such as the promises  that He has given to us, the names that God is called by and His characteristics.



To teach the children of our church that God loves them and nurture them to love God.


How can I get involved in the Children Ministry?

There are many ways that you can partner and participate with us.

  1. Teaching - long term 10 month commitment to teach one class for two 5 month semesters
  2. Relief teaching - to be on standby to relieve classes where the teachers are not available for short period.
  3. Holiday program - out of curriculum lessons (4 weeks each) in June and December, these are designed to give the regular teachers a break. Aspects of program include, worship, craft, story telling, games. Lessons include the 10 commandments, prayer etc.
  4. Special needs - we would welcome anyone with the desire to or the expertise to handle/take care of children with special needs, as they interact and learn with the other children in their class.
  5. Training - we try to provide training to teachers and are also keen on anyone who can share their own expertise in teaching children.

If you're interested to participate or would like to find out more, please contact Mok Chuan-Xin.