Upcoming Young Adults' Retreat

Every year the Young Adults' (YA) ministry holds a retreat to meet with God and to encourage each other to follow Jesus better. So for the fourth year in a row, our YAs will head to Malaysia for a weekend of studying God's Word. Being away provides a good opportunity to unplug and get away from the noise and distractions of life in Singapore.GBC YA Retreat 2017

This year's retreat theme is "Holy, Resolved" and will focus on the idea of God's holiness and the call to be holy for Christ. Eugene Low, Leow Wen Pin and Caleb Yap will be preaching on the sanctifying power of the gospel, and how that ties in with living full and joyful lives. Workshops and talks will also explore how the holiness of God is practical for work, studying and relationships. We're excited for Eugene and Wen Pin's respective families to join us this year.

The retreat will be held from 23 to 26 June in Johor Bahru. Please pray:

(1) For the speakers and their families, for effective prep and power in preaching as well as protection from the evil one who divides and attacks

(2) For the attendees, that their hearts will be open to God's Spirit and ready to respond in faith, the fruit of holiness

(3) For the organising team, that their planning will be robust and that travel, admin and logs will go smoothly

(4) Most importantly, for God's name to be glorified in our repentance, holy zeal and love for one another


The YA organising team has also designed handphone wallpapers with various quotes on holiness to help them prepare for this retreat. These are available for download:  

Holy Holy Holy iPhone Wallpaper

Download here

Carson iPhone Wallpaper

Download here