Women's Prayer Time for Prodigals

And he was a long way off, and his father had compassion on him.”

Nothing better illustrates God’s grace than His love for prodi­gals. They don’t work their way back into His favour. He doesn’t wait for them to clean up before He lets them into His presence; He washes their feet and gives them clean clothes to wear.

If you love a prodigal, you’re a living embodiment of God’s love for the lost. Maybe you taught someone in Sunday school who later wandered away. Maybe you are the auntie, grandmother, godparent, sibling or classmate of one who left the community of faith, disappointed. Maybe the wanderer is your spouse or your own child. 

The best thing you can do for the prodigal in your life is to grow in your own faith. He or she needs you to be a prayer war­rior, and warriors need nourishment. While waiting for our wanderers to return, let's pursue God with all our heart and soul, intentionally partnering with the Almighty and His sovereign plan. 

Please come together to bring these names to the throne of grace in prayer. 

What?    Women of GBC on our knees, demonstrating our trust in Him.

Why?     To allow God to use this waiting time for our sanctification.

When?   Saturday, May 12th, 10am - 12 pm. 

Where?  GBC rooms 516-519

Lord, hear our prayers for our wanderers!!